Arena lineups

Fell out of Arena challenger. Now I’m losing to teams 50 MILLION LESS??? Im a solid 85mil yellow team. Last night I lost to a 30 mil red team. And they did not have alot more collections. What’s going on

What Heroes are you using? If they’re old and the opponent’s Heroes are new then…


Power has more than zero importance only in raids. In PvP, it’s more about character picks and seasonal rules.

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Also, the Arena rules affect what skills do damage
So if your 85M power included Zeus, Shego and Ian you probably didnt do a ton of damage against the other team due to Fantastic damage having no effect this season

While I don’t disagree with your point, that’s clearly not what happened here.

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Oh sorry, missed that- probably what happens after midnight if you’re tired haha

Can we please know the lines in discussion here? Thanks.

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Server 21 is currently at level 250 while server 1 is at level 310 or 12 ranks below. Until recently we could tackle the server 1 rank and level trials and ports. Though difficult (especially for yellow trial). I was able to always complete these even though I was 12 ranks and 60 levels below. So yes it is possible to lose this way.

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