Arena team help

Hello! I am having big trouble with arena recently. My team is not holding up very well! I am using Bagheera, Jim Hawkins, Shego, Pacha, and The Mad Hatter (Al)! Can you guys give me some suggestions for my team? Thanks!image
Just one more question, is this team good?

here are some tips: First, for damage, I would replace Shego because she needs heavy team support and Jim and Bagheera are more of a fighting support than healing so I would recommend replacing Shego with either Zeus of Mother Gothel.
Then addressing your question: is that team good: Joy, Megara, Ian, Mad Hatter, and Hades. Well mmmm… I guess the team is good. But I think they are lacking damage, I would say that team is good but I would replace Mad Hatter with probably Aurora (Fairy Godmother Disk) and then I would replace Joy with a damage like Zeus or Mother Gothel.

So for your team I would replace Shego and Bagheera. I would replace Bagheera cause you already have a damaging support: Jim Hawkins, I would probably replace Bagheera with Megara.

So who should I replace him and bagheera for?

Meg I think

And what about Jim?

I think he could stay or use Ariel or Fairy Godmother instead

Ok thanks!

your welcome :smiley:

The team in your screenshot is “good” solely because it’s impossible to get any Quick Win bonus points against it, and if their Mad Hatter has a maxed red skill, it’ll even make it harder to get other bonus points during the fight. It’s also about as exciting as a lite-mayo-on-white-bread sandwich, but hey, apparently only a small minority cares about that.

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