Arena teams advice

I was looking for a arena team that included any or some of these heroes - Baymax, Hiro, Oogie Boogie, Mike Wazowski, Jack, Sulley and boo and Randall Boggs.

[And if by chance a wonderland team is considered a better choice, I would also like if a good substitute for Alice in my freeze team (elsa, wall-e, kristoff and even, olaf and alice) was announced.]

Baymax, Hiro, Oogie and Randall are the 4 ones I’d choose from these. The 5th one doesn’t matter too much.

Actually the team isn’t really viable, because none of these is really OP and only Hiro and Randall are great. But, if you can get at least Hiro’s Darkwing disk and Baymax’s red (maxed), it’ll do decent.

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