Ariel anyone?

Y’all where is Ariel :sob: she’s been mentioned in a few friend campaigns but we’ve yet to see her in game. Would also love to see Shego and Edna Mode at some point. It’s unlikely but I’d die for Elsa’s white dress as a costume. Sooooo hopefully some of these are in the works?..


I want Ariel too. PB said no more costumes unfortunately.


Probably the closest we have to Ariel in game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Btw, what happened to war posters.


Oh, I would love them to add Ariel, and change Elsas dress back to the classic let it go one


I don’t see the war posters

It’s gone now… :man_facepalming:

(unless your guild were able to get them)

They did mention her in a leak :neutral_face:

… When was this? The only character that people know of having been leaked is Dr. Drakken.


It was in 2018 or 2019. And hasn’t been seen again.

I never heard of her in the datamines

Me, neither. And for as long as I’ve been on here, no one else on here has ever said anything about seeing Ariel in any sort of datamine or leak…

Did they got rid of it?


No. As far as I am aware, Ariel was NEVER in the game files to begin with…

Do you Ariel to be in the game or no?

Whether or not I want Ariel in this game has nothing to do with the comment you replied to.

Please improve your grammar and yes, I want Ariel in the game if that´s what you meant.

I still want Ariel but I wonder what will her positions look like as a mermaid? On the rock or in sea waves were she’s floating like her father

I think it would be similar to Gerald, Nemo, and marlin on that rock

They could do something similar to what they have in DSA where she “swims” in a magic pool of water.

Could you please provide a picture? Thanks

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