Ariel hasn't been re-scaled

Sorry, but I’ll come back to this question, Ariel is still on a smaller scale compared to other adjacent characters like the other princesses, this is a problem that many games have when it comes to character scale. and this is something that bothers me a lot.

Loutre confirmed that scaling is final and this is not something that they are looking into again soon.
And honestly, there are wayyyy more important things that the devs can work on at the moment, so if you don’t like seeing it, don’t use her with other princesses - easy peasy :slight_smile:


I mean she is the little mermaid

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Seriously, it takes so much work to resize a character to be something to think about as a last resort? I don’t understand, and it’s not just with other princesses, also with characters from the same franchise, and the fact that Ariel is smaller than Lilo doesn’t make sense.

To be fair, I´d say only Merida is too big in this pic. Haha.

yes, merida is giant now, i don’t know what to do lol

I believe there has to be approvals for any changes made to the appearance of characters and that is resources wasted that should be spent on the :musical_note: bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, everywhere I see there are a bunch of bugs :musical_note:
so just ignore it

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