Ariel prize wall problem now!

Just like other prize walls, the Ariel one has a huge problem before it ends.
It’s obvious that the quest has been done even though you didn’t do it.

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And just like other prize walls, it’s because there are 12 resets and the event is active for 14 days.


The 12 resets comment still true, but can be wrong here, but didn’t perblue expand this prize wall an extra day to 15 days because if was 14 would have ended just before contest ends making the prize wall coins in ranking useless since they don’t carry on to next one. Or did I read a different topic incorrectly?

We did extend it another day!

Unfortunately, we are not able to add an extra reset for the extra day as it could possibly break the Prize Wall


That’s annoying I only need two more to max her stars

So prize wall tokens received from contest that are earned after the resets are used are completely useless then? I asked support for help but they pretty much told me to use them before the resets have a good day and closed the chat. No particularly useful or helpful ‘support’. I mean i get that it really is my fault for not reading all the import info on the way prize wall works but i feel like that’s a huge oversight in the contest rewards. Basically worked for nothing.

They just really didnt seem to care and that really sucked. Just quickly answered without a solution and sent me off with my mistake closing the chat.

Running out of resets means you can’t earn any more tokens for doing those daily tasks. You can still spend any tokens you get from deals or contest rewards.


I checked your support ticket and that is not what our agent told you. Here is their exact response: "Those tokens will need to be spent before the prize wall ends, or players will lose them. They do not carry over! "

That is the correct response. You need to spend them before the Prize Wall ends. Just because you are out of resets for daily quests does not mean the Prize Wall has ended. The Prize Wall is currently still active, but will be ending soon.


You are completely correct. I was in a mood and read his response too fast. That in addition to my own lack of knowledge of the rules of the reset just made me totally misunderstood and i take responsibility for that. That was totally on me. I apologize. Thank you also for clarifying that aspect of the prize wall also. Clearly I was confused about it and misunderstanding what the support person said.

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