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Ariel Concept

Stars at the beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Mid
Team: Blue

Entrance: A pool of water with a rock appears in the battle, then Ariel comes from the water and sits on the rock
Victory: Ariel smiles and a gentle wave of water hits her from behind.
Defeat: Ariel falls from the rock to the water and disappears.

Quote: “I don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad."

Basic attack: Ariel sends at the enemy small wave of water

White skill: Beautiful Voice
Ariel sings a song for 8 seconds, charming 3 nearest enemies for 12 seconds and silencing all other enemies for 10 seconds.

While singing Ariel removes from enemies 2 buffs every second.

Removing buffs has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green skill: Fishy Friends :fist: (normal damage)
Flounder and Sebastian emerge from the water and charge into enemies.

Flounder targets an enemy with the highest tenacity, dealing X damage and decreasing their tenacity by 80 for 10 seconds.

Sebastian targets an enemy with the highest HP, dealing X damage, removing all active Hardy stacks from the target and applies a damage over time which deals X damage over 10 seconds.

When Flounder and Sebastian hit the same enemy, the target will receive additionally X bonus true damage and stun which lasts for 12 seconds.

Blue skill: Feel the Water :fist: (normal damage)
When an enemy comes in melee range of Ariel she will summon a big wave of water which hits the enemy, dealing X damage to the enemy and enemies nearby them and knocking them back.

Ariel can use this skill once every 10 seconds.

Purple skill: Siren Voice
While Ariel is using ‘‘Beautiful Voice’’, Ariel and allies gain 60 tenacity, 60 evasion and one stack of hardy every 2 seconds.

The tenacity buff has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Red skill: Oceanic Sounds
When an enemy is silenced by ‘‘Beautiful Voice’’ they have a 50% chance every second to become charmed for 15 seconds, when they become charmed the silence is removed and cooldown of their green skills is reset to 0.

While Ariel is using ‘‘Beautiful Voice’’ 2 weakest allies are healed by X and become invincible for 5 seconds. Ariel now can’t be interrupted while using ‘‘Beautiful Voice’’ and receive 65% less damage from all sources.

The charm and damage reduction has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:

+X armor negation
+X damage to ‘‘Feel the Water’’


Angel - The Most Charming Voice


Silencing Enemies over time

  • +X SP
  • Silenced enemies lose X armor
  • Tank and Damage role enemies lose 8 tenacity for the first 10 seconds of each wave (+8 lose per star)
  • Random enemy which isn’t silenced become silenced every 8 seconds, this silence lasts for 1 seconds and ignores evasion (+1 duration of silence per star)

Moana - Oceanic Adventure


’‘Feel the Water’’ applies debuffs

  • +X HP
  • +X SP
  • ‘‘Feel the Water’’ now removes 2 debuffs from allies and applies them to damaged enemies (+2 debuffs)
  • ‘‘Feel the Water’’ deals 70% more damage if Ariel and allies haven’t got any debuffs while this skill was activated (+70% damage)

OK So…about this concept, (and all of yours, TBH) maybe slow down the pace? There are 2 issues I’ve been seeing:

  1. You post concepts way too fast. Dug was released a while ago and now this was released just now. Maybe span out your concepts to having at least 1 every 1-2 weeks. That way it gives people more time to really think about this.
  2. Sorry if this is a bit harsh, but the concepts are excessive and does have some grammatical errors. By having more time you can fix the mistakes and make the concept less OP beyond all reason. Tone it down a good amount so that it isn’t Cheshire levels of OP (which is exactly what you’re making)

@Musketeer, May you actually take this feedback and not neglect it like all the others? Please and Thank you.


Sure but the difference is that their concepts tend to be more well thought out and easier to read. They have slowed down since as well. Additionally, everyone has their own way of making concepts. You can create them super quickly, but wait to release. That is something I suggest actually to both you, Tragic, and anyone else who needed to hear that.

The biggest reason that your concepts are OP is because they have many effects. Usually way too many, even more compared to a hero released by PB.

I used to look at your concepts and be amazed because I looked up to you, but now I really do not. Why? Because you give others feedback sometimes on concepts and they listen to your suggestions. I hope that anyone who reads this also knows that we should be giving feedback to everyone, even if they might not need it, a positive thing to say can be great. When we give it back to you, you never listen to it. That is hypocrisy if you ask me.


What kind of fairytale is this?
I barely write comments on other concepts.

I can understand why this was flagged. Sounded nicer in my head. I will just say that everyone can benefit from feedback on concepts, even viewers. :smile:

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That is up to the creator decide their own pacing. Better advice is for better organization making a thread with all his concepts linked and communication about new work in progress.

If someone needs help they ask or watch other posts. There is no general rule that someone must get in the obligation beeing present at every concept posted, selfish or not.

That’s why they say along these lines: “Feedback is appreciated.”


Ok I can understand why this was flagged. It was not a very kind or nice thing to say. All I will say is that everyone who makes concepts has things to work on. We all got strengths and weaknesses and we should work together to help each other. The concept is pretty good. There are just things that could be improved for the future. :smile:


Unless I missed any line I haven’t seen asking for any in this concept even tho it is formal to give one. But again I read since og makes concepts he must also offer feedback when it doesn’t.

I understood what is question in here, basicly the concept of a fair trade ( exchanging feedbacks)

OK, Lemme just say this: what Doof is trying to say is that by neglecting to provide feedback is making you selfish and prideful over other concept creators, which isn’t the case because I highly doubt you would go that far into saying you’re superior.

What I should let you know is that you might need some more time into fixing some of the grammar mistakes and also think about what effects you add into a skill. (Effects are good, they can make them unique, just don’t add too many). I was mostly concerned about your mental life, because I was a bit worried you were gonna get burnt out of the forums and this thread.

I still respect you, your concepts, but I want you to tone down a bit (not extremely) because of your, well, “major presence” since you’re a really active person.

I hope you understand that I’m not trying to offend you in any way. :slight_smile:


Yes, this is the point I was trying to make. But I do apologize for trying to make it since I do realize now that your intention is definitely not that, @Musketeer. I definitely respect and admire what you do here on the forums and I feel bad for potentially making you feel bad.

Hopefully, you can see that I do not feel this way about you and that I do realize your contributions here and also to move forward from beyond this disagreement or argument.

And thank you Tragic for rephrasing my thoughts better and helping me to realize that I am wrong.

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