Arlo & Spot

Arlo & Spot

Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Blue

Entrance: Arlo walks onto his position, and behind him, Spot follows him and then jumps at Arlo’s back.
Victory: Arlo and Spot look at the sky.
Defeat: Spot hides under Arlo, and Arlo covers him with his head.

Quote: ‘‘I’m done being scared.’’

Basic Attack: Arlo headbutts the closest enemies.

White Skill: Prehistoric Stampede :fist:
Arlo and Spot charge through the enemies, dealing X Normal Damage, knocking them back, stunning them for 8 seconds, and decreasing their Armor and Reality by 50% for 10 seconds.

When they return, a 65% Damage Reduction is granted to Arlo and Spot for 8 seconds.

Green Skill: Bite and Stick :shield:
Spot runs towards the furthest back enemy and bites them, dealing X True Damage, applying 5 stacks of Weakness and Piercing them for 8 seconds.

Meanwhile, Arlo pulls out his stick and hits nearby enemies, dealing X Normal Damage, stunning them for 5 seconds, and Shattering them for 8 seconds.

Blue Skill: Rotten Fruits :sparkles:
Arlo passes some rotten fruits towards the middle of the enemies which causes hallucinations in an area, these enemies lose their active buffs and become Stunned for 6 seconds. This stun cannot be Cleansed, avoided by Evasion, reduced by Tenacity, or Dodged.

When this stun expires, these enemies receive X Fantastic Damage, and Arlo and Spot receive 250 Energy.

Purple skill: Light of Fireflies
Once per wave, when Arlo and Spot reach 0 HP, they revive, become Berserk for 5 seconds, heal X HP, and become immune to all debuffs for the remainder of the wave.

All other allies are cleansed, heal for X HP over 6 seconds and become immune to debuffs for the same duration, and after that duration, they gain 5 stacks of Hardy.

Red Skill: Facing the Fears
While scared, Arlo and Spot and their allies gain 60% Attack and Movement Speed and X Basic Damage.

After Arlo and Spot revive, the amount of Tenacity and Evasion on each of their ally is doubled. The revive from ‘‘Light of Fireflies’’ additionally gives Arlo and Spot 1000 energy, and their allies 500 energy.

Arlo and Spot gain 10% Conservation with each use of “Prehistoric Stampede”, up to a maximum of 40% Conservation increase.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Armor Negation

Russell & Kevin - Similar Opposites

Boosting Non-Crit Hits

  • +X BD to Arlo and Spot and allies
  • +X Max HP to Arlo and Spot and allies
  • +X Evasion to Arlo and Spot and allies
  • Arlo and Spot’s and allies’ Hits from Basic Attacks and Skills which are Non-Crit deal 20% More Damage (+20% per star)

Rex - Dinosaur 101

Starting with Berserk

  • +X SP to Arlo and Spot and allies
  • +X Armor to Arlo and Spot and allies
  • +X Reality to Arlo and Spot and allies
  • +X Tenacity to Arlo and Spot and allies
  • Berserk allies are immune to disables
  • Arlo and Spot and 2 random allies begin each wave Berserk for 1.5 seconds and when the duration of this Berserk ends these allies Cleanse and gain 10 Hardy Stacks and 100% Attack Speed for 10 seconds. This Berserk cannot be removed! (+1.5 seconds per star)

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