Armor/reality's damage reduction

I’m not sure armor/reality formula has been revealed already, but I did some calculations and I figure it out. Hope it helps!
*Please note that I did this research on my own and the data I’ve collected is not official, so the formula may not be correct.

First, let me tell you something that I found surprising. The armor/reality’s damage reduction is affected by the hero’s HP; the higher the ratio of the armor/reality to the HP is, the more the damage is reduced. In other words, a hero with lower HP takes less damage than a hero with higher HP when they have the same amount of armor/reality.

Here is the formula:
HP ÷ (HP + armor ×10) × 100 = percent of normal damage the hero takes
You can do the same thing for fantastic damage by putting ‘reality’ instead of ‘armor’.

So, a hero with 100k HP and 15k armor takes about 60% less damage to the attacker’s original damage, calculated by the formula, 100000 ÷ (100000 + 150000) × 100= 40.

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An extra zero here, ubless the 15k armpr is supposed to be this. :grimacing:

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The armor is multiplied by 10 because the in-game description says that ‘each point of armor/reality makes hero feel like they have 10 more HP against normal/fantastic damage.’
So, it basically increases HP virtually ( just like shields do), and reduces damage to make the ratio of virtual HP to original damage and that of actual HP to damage taken equal.

Nice work, I knew how the the reduction worked but never put myself through the effort of putting it in a formula😂 good job dude


Thank you:)

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