Art Studio

You are welcome great forum people to the art studio where you draw your own character concept like the animation and character in battle kinda like this

that’s what I’m referring to so if you are a artist then start drawing Disney’s most famous Heroes!
Check out the new topic Song Studio


I honestly think its a great drawing of the older version of Scrooge Mcduck @SpiderHog

Can you explain what this comment means?

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Lol, really? It means he thinks that it’s ironic that Spiderhog said talented artists should post their work here, when spiderhog’s Scrooge is… lacking in quality to them I guess.

I said artists as in other forum users not just me drawing

I can see where you used your colored pencil to color scrooge in. All you did was draw random lines

Professional Artists on the other hand carefully make their lines and don’t leave a spot uncolored. There are many white spots in your drawing

…i ain,t no art critic

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Wait one second here

I have seen your drawings they all have scribbles a lot of scribbles

Also I said you’re supposed to draw here

Gizmoduck I drew these last week


Can we just get along, guys?

Well Ok but why does he have to show up and ruin ideas

So everyone draw characters you want in the game I drew 4 the past 2 weeks




He literally came here just to comment about the irony of what you said. He didn’t ruin any of your bad ideas. If the idea seems bad, it’s probably your fault. As for me, I’m setting this post of tracking. It had potential, but clearly I was wrong.

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NegaDuck was the worst in my opinion and Gizmoduck was the best in my opinion

Well I just wanted to see everyone draw characters they wanted then no one drew anything

You said drawings AND concepts your just posting pics. No “I wish negaduck was in game” or “here’s his skills”

But I do like the drawings I just wish they were concepts you’d get a idea of how they would work

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Who, is @Filadae_Djaq a boy? Or are you talking about me…

No it’s to draw their skills out not state it as in you are supposed to draw the animations after you draw the character you’re doing

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