Arthur Hero Concept

The Sword in the Stone

Stats and Information

Role - Support

Trial Team - Yellow

Position - Mid

Stars At Beginning - 1

Quote - “Oh, I do hope so. I’ve always dreamed about flying; that I was a bird and that I could go sailing over the sky, high above everything. It’s my favorite dream. But then, I suppose everyone dreams about flying.”

Bio - Arthur is an eager learner and paired with the right teacher he could become a king. Arthur is also quite loyal. On the battlefield he’ll use some medieval technology to show the enemies who’s the king. Old school.


Entrance - Arthur falls down from the top of the screen.

Victory - Arthur’s dogs run from offscreen, knock him over, and start locking him.

Defeat - Arthur turns into a fish a flops around

Basic Attack - Arthur stumbles and accidentally throws a plate at enemies.


White Skill - Medieval Machine (Fantastic Damage)
Arthur works the machine jouster which hits the closest enemy dealing x damage and applying shatter for 5 seconds. Arthur gains a stack of hardy every second the enemy is shattered.

Green Skill - Three Demerits
Arthur scrubs a pot for 3 seconds healing him x, increasing his basic damage x, and giving him a 7 second shield with x max hp. If the shield is destroyed or stolen before the 7 seconds are up Arthur gains reflect for 5 seconds.

Blue Skill - A Little Clumsy
Every time a skill that would deal damage greater than or equal to 5.5% of his max hp, Arthur falls dodging it. Arthur gains 150 energy every time he falls.
The energy gain has a chance to fail if Arthur is above level x.

Purple Skill - The Sword in the Stone
Once per wave if Arthur reaches 0 hp an anvil with a sword in it appears. Arthur then pulls the sword out of the stone healing him to 90% of his max hp. A godly light comes down when Arthur grabs the sword blinding all enemies for 10 seconds. When Arthur has the sword, he heals x every second, and deals 125% more damage with “Medieval Machine” and his basic attack. Arthur’s attack and movement speed are increased by 65% for the rest of the wave while he has the sword.

Red Skill - That’s What Makes the World
Every time Arthur dodges 5 attacks with “A Little Clumsy” Arthur immediately activates “Medieval Machine” and cleanses himself.

Arthur heals x and gains x evasion each time he dodges an attack.

  • x Reality
  • x skill power
  • x hp gained on "Three Demerits"


Arthur and Baloo
Name - Substitute Teacher

Description - Tank allies are invincible


  • Tank allies start battle invincible for x seconds.


  • +x Max hp for Tank allies
  • +x skill power for Tank allies
  • +x reality for Tank allies
  • +x tenacity for Tank allies

Arthur and Robin Hood
Name - The King of England

Description - Increased attack and movement speed on “The Sword in the Stone


  • Arthur increases his attack speed and movement speed by x% more on "The Sword in the Stone"


  • +x Skill power
  • +x Fantastic crit

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