Astro boy (unlikely concept)

Description: Astro boy is a robot that was made to save the day!

Position: midline

Role: damage

Quote: “I was made ready”

Trial team: red

Stars: 1

Entrance: astro boy flies into position

Victory: astro boy flies up into the air circles above teammates

Defeat: astro boy falls on his butt and powers down

Basic attack: astro boy fires lasers from his eyes, dealing x true damage.

White skill: “rocket boots” fantastic damage
Passive: with every KO, astro boy gains x armor and x reality

Active: astro boy flies through enemies, dealing X damage and removing X armor for X seconds.

Green skill: “butt cannons?” Fantastic damage
Astro boy flies up and fires his butt cannons, dealing
X damage and removing X reality for X seconds.

Blue skill: “really cool”
when Astro boy reaches 50% health, he flies up and stays in the air for the rest of the wave. He deals X extra damage with his basic attacks, and can only be targeted by back line heroes. If every other ally is KOed, Astro boy comes down with a shield that blocks x damage and lasts for x seconds.

Purple skill: “faster than I look”
At the beginning of every wave, Astro boy applies shatter every three basic attacks for x seconds.

Red skill: “made ready”
Astro boy gains the armor he removes with “rocket boots”.
+x reality
+x armor
+x damage with “rocket boots”

Astro boy and rocketeer friendship.
“Flying buddies”
Astro boy is flying around the city and notices someone else trying to take off, but he’s surrounded by creeps.
Disc ability:
“Butt cannons?” Stuns all enemies hit for x seconds.
The stun lasts x seconds longer
Disc Appearance: a jetpack in a bottle

Astro boy and Huey duey and luey friendship:
Astro boy finds new friends and they go on a walk, but are jumped by creeps not long after.
Disc ability: “shatter” applied by Astro boy’s basic attacks lasts x seconds longer
Stars: shattered enemies lose x% more of their max health as true damage when Astro boy attacks them.
Disc appearance: Astro’s hand and a gloved hand high fiving

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If anyone has skill names, please let me know.

If there is anything else I need to put, please let me know.

Here’s some skill name ideas:

Blue: “Really Cool”

Purple: “Faster than I Look”

Red: “Made Ready”

I take it that you based your concept off the 2009 movie, right? I actually really love that movie, BTW.

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I think it is from 2009 movie as astro boy was suprised to seeing he got canons in his butt

Yes it is off the movie. Thx for the skill names!

How are the disc abilities?

Is the true damage on the basic attack too powerful?

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