Attack Damage question

So when I equip a badge or mod that increases the basic damage of a hero does it have any effect on heroes that don’t attack? What is the purpose of this Stat for these heroes? I’m thinking of Megara, Joy, Miguel, etc.

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Miguel’s healing notes rely on basic damage, Megara shares her basic damage with the linked ally but it is completely useless for Joy.

I haven’t seen Mushu use a basic attack. Does the Stat have a use on him?

I tried a fight and Mushu has got a Basic Attack, so…

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only once often

Yes, mostly. What I know he does one Basic Attack and then goes on with his Skills…

It usually helps boost skills and stats to ensure your heroes can last longer. Mickey’s blue skill is useful for mod upgrades. And basic damage is the ONLY way to deal damage and that’s a thing to worry if your team does not have a main damage dealer. Check out my guides in General guides to learn more

??? Skill Power also affects damage output. Basic Damage affects basic attacks and some skills, Skill Power affects most skills.

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yeah, I wonder the same thing these day, why joy, that doesn’t attack, has badges for basic damage… pretty annoying

Are there any that she has that just give basic damage? If not then she probably has them for the other bonuses.

yes, in R3, timeless classic


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Oh, that’s really bizarre.


Also in Orange 1, Orange, Purple 4, and Blue 2


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