Aurora Hero Concept

Position: Mid-line
Role: Damage
Team: Yellow

“If you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true.”

This princess skips her way onto the battlefield ready to fight her enemies.


Entrance: She skips onto the battlefield.
Victory: She pulls out her crown and puts in on.
Defeat: She falls and starts crying.


Basic Attack: Aurora hits enemies with her picnic basket.

White Skill: Prick Thy Finger
Normal Damage :fist:
Aurora reaches into her picnic basket, pulls out the spindle of a spinning wheel, and throws it at the front-most enemy. This deals them X damage over 10 seconds.

Green Skill: Woodland Friends
Normal Damage :fist:
Aurora whistles and calls for a group of birds to fly through the battlefield, this deals X damage to all enemies.

Blue skill: Eternal Slumber
When Aurora reaches 50% Max HP, Aurora falls asleep for 7 seconds. This heals her for X HP per second.

Purple Skill: Calamitous Curse
Prick Thy Finger now curses the enemy for 6 seconds. Enemies that are cursed are slowed by 50% during the duration of the curse.

Red Skill: Once Upon a Dream
Woodland friends now blind enemies for 6 seconds. Aurora deals 25% more damage to enemies with debuffs.

+X Max HP
+Y Armor
+Z Basic Damage


Aurora and Minnie
Campaign: Perfect Picnic
Disk: Supreme Snacks- Blinds last 2 seconds longer per star.
+X Armor
Description: Aurora and Minnie plan a picnic
Allies: Goofy, Rapunzel, Sally

Aurora and Alice
Campaign: Midnight Stroll
Disk: Sleepwalking- Curses last 2 seconds longer per star.
+X Reality
Description: Aurora and Alice are wanted for theft ( Because they were sleepwalking ) and are running away from the law and creeps until they are proved innocent.
Allies: Robin Hood, Aladdin, Jack Sparrow

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Can she do something else while asleep?


No, it’s similar to Baloo.

Oh. Okay. Thanks!

she can’t be team red maleficent is in yellow.

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First: It says yellow team.
Second: Don’t revive dead Concepts

  1. It said red here and on Phillip’s 2) what

You. Shouldn’t. Revive. Topics.


But this topic is already dead. Besides, read the guidelines before insulting me. Have a good day!


Dude. What does that even mean. I scrolled here, saw a concept, commented on it. If the topic is dead I don’t care, still wanna comment on this hero concept because I saw it now, don’t care it was published 2 months ago. I’m a little annoyed by you going out of your way to put me down. Community guidelines sure don’t condone that.

They do. I was just telling you that this topic isn’t used any more and you insulted me. And that’s what guidelines don’t condone.


that’s okay if it isn’t, why can’t I still comment. I’m entitled to do that, whenever I want and whichever post I want. I did not insult you, I asked you to leave me be, but in slang. You can’t keep yourself from letting people comment whatever way they like? That’s weird.


You didn’t really read the concept because if you did you would know it said yellow team

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That’s the equivalent of saying you can rob a store or kill someone with 0 consequences

Ah yes if that was a rule spammers would be every where and we couldn’t flag them or tell them to stop with your logic🙄

They aren’t in the same country you probably, what is slang to you may be insulting to them.

Community guidelines sure don’t condone reviving dead threads or insulting someone like you did

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