Avengers: Disney's Mightiest Heroes

The characters Marvel has made it self quite at home since coming into the Disney family. With a overall successful film series, numerous TV shows (both of animated and live-action), a couple of crossover with some of Disney’s property, and Avengers Campus opening up in California Adventure. Marvel has certainly made an impression on Disney fans.

But that got me thinking; If Disney had made a team like the Avengers, who would be on the team?

Follow-up question: If had to choose one Disney character to be part of the Avengers, who would it be?

The Incredibles 🤷

No more suitable than the Big Hero 6 team.

Even so that there were rumors about it some time ago.

A family so not entirely an avengers style

They are Marvel heroes-ish

I feel like:
This is actually quite hard!

Maybe Voyd, Beast and Aladdin?

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Not really, if you think about. Aside from the Incredibles and Big Hero 6, they are plenty of perfect candidates to be an avenger.

Some of Marvel’s finest didn’t even start out has heroes. They started as goofs and misfits who had to struggle and sacrifice in order to do the right thing. And our Disney friends… well, dig deep enough and alot of characters from both universes got alot more in common than anyone knows.

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