Awesome! Emmet Brickowski Unlikely Hero Concept

Emmet Brickowski Unlikely Hero Concept


Emmet Brickowski falls onto the battlefield and uses the his high enthusiasm and Master Building skills to take out the creeps.

Quote: “Hey, there, Planty. What do you want to do today? Watch TV? Me too!”


Starting Stars: :star2:

Role: Support

Position: Backline

Trials Team::yellow_circle:


Entrance: Emmet dances in with his headphones on. He takes them off once he is in position.

Victory: Emmet does this:

Defeat: Emmet gets sad.


Basic Attack: Emmet throws a giant sausage at the enemy with the least HP.

:white_circle:: I Am a Master Builder
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage: Emmet builds his mech(but scaled down, of course)and runs through the enemy lineup, dealing X fantastic damage, applying a 10% armor decrease for 15 seconds, and stunning the nearest enemy hit for 10 seconds.

:green_circle:: Planty
:fist:Basic Damage: Emmet throws Planty at the enemy with the least health, applying a health drain for 15 seconds that drains 5% HP per second.

:large_blue_circle:: Introducing, the Double Decker Couch
Emmet, Planty, and the ally with the least health sit on Emmet’s Double Decker Couch and watch TV for 5 seconds, cleansing them and healing them for 40% of their max health.

:purple_circle:: Follow the Instructions
Emmet tells everyone to follow the instructions and they all gain a 30% armor increase, a 25% damage increase, and a 20% reality increase for 15 seconds.

:red_circle:: Everything is Awesome
At the start of battle, Emmet gains a 20 second shield and a 20% Max HP increase for 10 seconds. Planty now stuns the enemy hit for 15 seconds.

+X Armor
+X Max HP
+X Attack Speed


Friendship 1

Emmet Brickowski/Ralph

Friendship Campaign Name: A Change of Personality

Emmet notices Ralph’s muscular body and asks him to help with building a town hall for the Mayor of Halloweentown. Ralph decides to be a builder instead of a breaker, but that’s not easy.

Allies: Fix-it Felix, Hercules, and Quasimodo

Disk Name: Builders and Breakers

Disk Advantages: Emmet gains 10% max health. 5% max health per star. Max: +50%. +798 green skill power per level.

Friendship 2

Emmet Brickowski/WALL-E

Friendship Campaign Name: The City’s Finest

Emmet sees WALL-E picking up trash at the park and decides to help him. The two become great friends who pick up trash even if they have to fight creeps to do it.

Allies: EVE, Milo Thatch, and Kaa

Disk Name: Hard at Work

Disk Advantages: +20% Reality. +5% per star. Max: 50%. +1004 Max HP per level.

I hope you enjoyed Emmet Brickowski’s hero concept. The Lego movie is funny, and the YTPs are even funnier. Here is a link to my favorite YTP! YTP - Lego My Eggo (Lego Movie YTP) - YouTube

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In the future, I would seriously suggest waiting to post a concept until it’s 100% complete (unless it’s an intentional “sneak peek” like you’ve done in the past, but even then, I would rather just wait for the full concept to come out).

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Actually, I am accidentally tapping create topic, so I just made a sneak peek. Anyways, here it is! The completed version! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ah, that makes sense.

Here’s a tip for the future: type out the complete concept first THEN add the title and category. You can’t post a topic without a title and category, so if you save those for last, you won’t ever have to worry about accidentally posting an unfinished concept.


Good to know. I will use that piece of advice when making my next concept.

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