B.O.Y.D. concept

B.O.Y.D. concept

(DuckTales 2017)

Stars at the beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Mid
Team: Red

Entrance: B.O.Y.D. flies through screen leaving smoke behind him, then land on the ground during his 2nd screen crossing.
Victory: B.O.Y.D flies off the screen and returns a moment later with balloons.
Defeat: B.O.Y.D. shots 3 lasers in random directions

Basic attack: B.O.Y.D. shots laser from his eyes.

White skill: Choose the core
B.O.Y.D. starts each wave on Normal Mode and with 2 stacks of Hardy.

The player chooses one of two B.O.Y.D.'s modes:

Normal mode: While in this mode B.O.Y.D.'s armor and reality is increased by X and gains 30 tenacity.

Attack mode: While in this mode B.O.Y.D. becomes immune to melee attacks from enemies, has increased attack speed by 100% and chooses random enemy on his basic attacks. B.O.Y.D. stay in this mode for 6 seconds.

Attack mode

Flies above ground in this mode

Green skill: Something sharp :fist: (normal damage)
Blades emerge from B.O.Y.D.'s hands, he then walks towards farthest enemy dealing X damage per hit.
He walks towards enemies for 5 seconds, during this skill B.O.Y.D. blocks all projectiles from damaging him.

B.O.Y.D. can’t use this skill on Attack Mode and instead will use [Massive laser blast], without affecting on the skill’s cooldown.

Blue skill: Massive laser blast :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
B.O.Y.D. shots a massive laser blast, dealing X damage to all enemies.
This skill gains the following bonus depending on which mode is B.O.Y.D.

Normal mode: Remove 3 buffs from each enemy.

Attack mode: Reduce enemies’ armor and reality to value equal to 0 for 10 seconds. Additionally, deal X damage over 5 seconds.

Lowering armor and reality to 0 has chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Purple skill: A definitely real boy
Each time when armor of enemy is reduced by any source B.O.Y.D.'s armor is increased by X.
Each time when reality of enemy is reduced by any source B.O.Y.D.'s reality is increased by X.

Red skill: Young hero
[Massive laser blast] also stuns enemies for 6 seconds.

Every time that B.O.Y.D. uses “Choose the core” his Max HP is increased by X HP, he carries this between waves.
The first ally to reach 1 HP becomes invincible for 6 seconds.

The invincibility has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:

  • +X HP
  • +X BD
  • +X SP


Huey, Dewey, & Louie - Boy training


Further effects of Choose the core

  • +X armor
  • +X HP heal to allies with [Choose the core]
  • After choosing Normal Mode allies gains a shield equal to 25% of Max HP of B.O.Y.D.'s for 8 seconds (+25% per star)
  • After choosing Attack Mode allies gains basic damage equal to 30% of B.O.Y.D.'s for 8 seconds (+30% per star)

Baymax - Protective destruction


Buff on start; buff removing

  • +X HP
  • +X SP
  • Allies’ armor is increased by 200% for the first 10 seconds of battle (+200% per star)
  • Allies’ skill power is increased by 100% for the first 10 seconds of battle (+100% per star)
  • Every 3rd B.O.Y.D.'s basic attack remove 3 buffs from an enemy (+1 removed buff per star)

I give this a 9/10

Wow! 9 and a half / 10!

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