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The Child

The Child uses his connection to the force to keep his enemies from harming his allies. Exhausting as it may be he will always help when possible.

Role: Support
Position: Backline
Trials Team: Blue

Basic Attack: Smiles healing himself and his weakest ally

Entrance: The Child’s hover pod floats to position before opening revealing The Child

Victory: Smiles and cocks his head to the side

Defeat: Closes the hover pod as it goes shooting off backwards


White Skill: Tiring Telekinesis
Passive: Instead of a standard basic attack, The Child smiles healing himself and his weakest ally for X HP. The child cannot be pulled or knocked back and while The Child has a debuff he receives 75% less damage from all sources.

Active: The Child holds the closest enemy in place for 8 seconds preventing them from moving or using skills. While holding the enemy in place The Child cannot use other skills but heals himself and the weakest ally for X HP every second. When The Child releases the enemy he is exhausted gaining 1 stack of Fatigue and his attack speed is slowed by 10% for 3 seconds.
This skill cannot be avoided or reduced by evasion, tenacity, or dodges.

Green Skill: Choke Protection
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
The Child uses the force to choke the enemy who last attacked him dealing X damage per second for 5 seconds and applying 3 stacks of Fatigue to them.

Blue Skill: Force Reflection
The Child applies Reflect to the weakest ally for 4 seconds.
Heroes with Reflect return 50% of damage dealt to them back at the enemy who dealt the damage.
The duration of Reflect is reduced on allies above level X.

Purple Skill: Force Cleanse
Once every 5 seconds The Child can remove a D.O.T effect from himself or an ally healing them for X HP and granting them invincibility for 2 seconds.

Red Skill: Precious Cargo
Allies healed by The Child are Energised until the healed HP is removed via damage.
The Child gains X Max HP each time he uses Tiring Telekinesis. He carries 50% of this buff between waves.
+X Damage per second from Choke Protection
+X Reality
+X Skill Power


Baby Antics

The Child and Jack-Jack
Allies with Reflect charm enemies

Disk Power

  • +X Basic Damage
  • +X Skill Power


  • Allies with Reflect charm enemies with each basic attack for 2 seconds
    (+1 second per star)

Allies: Sulley & Boo, Scar, Miguel

Adorable Extra Terrestrial

The Child and Stitch
Start combat with hardy

Disk Power

  • +X Max HP
  • Allies heal X HP per second while The Child has at least 1 stack of Hardy


  • The Child starts each wave with 1 stack of hardy
    (+1 per star)
  • The Child heals 10% of his missing HP when a stack of Hardy is removed
    (+10% per star)

Allies: Angel, Pleakley, Jumba


Nice, the child!!!

Great concept. :smile:

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Asesome concept

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