Badge creation

and so there is an error creating icons !!!
if it is not a power creature then you do not get the badge and the stamina disappears !!!
I tried to create a badge (paradise for parrots) several times at first it cost 6000 stamina, spent 3000 hours and waited for new stamina to appear, but when I clicked on the badge it cost 6000 again and so I spent about 15000 until I made a canteen creation … …
yesterday I wanted to make a badge (unsuccessful trade) it cost 13600
I immediately spent 13000 stamina at once and I had 600 left after 5 minutes it again cost me 5000 and after a few hours it cost 14000 even more than it was while I did not spend badges and elements of badges …
it turns out endurance goes into the void, I spend endurance and do not get anything in return and my endurance does not return !!!
to my question, the support service said that your stamina is back and that everything is fine and good !!!
that the game works and no problem !!!
not one unit of stamina has returned to my account !!! I spent 13000 they disappeared and out of none, just like there are none of those 6000,3000,4000 thousand they just went into the void !!!
I get endurance in minutes every day and what comes on assignment 1200 times every few hours, everything is the same as on a normal day !!! but the endurance that went into the error of the game never came back to me !!!

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