Badge Map (and related discussion)

Hello everyone!

Finally after few weeks, me, Merida Walker and Raymond have managed to prepare a carefully planned Badge Map, where you can see all badges, which badges they craft and which badges they need to be crafted.

Very useful guide also for seeing which Bits and Plan Bits you need to craft. Beware though, Plans crafting does not have the Plan written there, you need to count with it.

Also, @Polaris, it might be a very good source for the team to see which badges to choose with a future Trials refresh (but mostly just changing the ones that don’t craft any badge above a certain rank would be enough).

Planned features:
Maximal Stamina costs (when you have no prerequisite badges whatsoever) AND
Minimal Amount of Badge Tokens to buy (from the Badge Bazaar, same is true for other Shops - Arena, Coliseum, War, Surge, Heist, War)
All locations for Bits and Plan Bits


Nicely done

Thank you :pray:

@Polaris Could I kindly ask for a favor if possible? :blush:

As I try to make the badge map, would it be possible to get transparent pictures of the badges with the border representing its status (White, Green, … , Orange, Red, Yellow)?

Thank you for an answer in advance.

Equally good will be if someone had the time from the team to edit the Badge Map. But I guess that’s a bit too much to ask for.


I would find this tool to be 200% more useful if it listed all the possible locations to acquire a particular badge and not just the 1 to 3 main ones that show up as raid options.

It is a planned feature.

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