Badge Origins

What about Honey, I shrunk the kids, and Super Duper glue??

I’ll add honey I shrunk the kids but I’m still not sure about super duper glue

Four-Poster Bed - Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Crown of New York - Newsies (“Look at me, I’m the king of New Yoooooork”)
Shephard’s Journal - Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Commander’s Crest - Sky High
Hero’s Night Out - The Incredibles (“bowling night”)
Irresistibly Shiny - Aladdin (“Abu! NOOOOO!!!”)
Penthouse Castle - Gargoyles
Crown of the Wild Frontier - Davy Crockett (an ABC miniseries with a super catchy theme song)
Hot Dog - I’m gonna say it’s a play on one of Mickey’s catchphrases.
Really Bad Egg - Pirates of the Caribbean (“We’re devils, we’re black sheep, we’re really bad eggs”)
Wicked Beats - Hocus Pocus (Its description is a play on the musical number)

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pay through the teeth is from Up.


Charles Muntz: slams Fredrickson to the floor Any last words Fredrickson??

Carl: Spits False teeth into Muntz’ face

Either that, or ,and this one seems less likely, it is from Gravoty Falls remember the teeth monster? One of Bill Cipher’s friends??

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I don’t think it is so… Up seems right

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Ill Wishing Well is from Enchanted. The people that fall in are changed from a 2d animation drawing to their live-action counterpart.
and for PC Flyers, I’m thinking either Holes or The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. Both would fit. (I don’t remember the exact name of the shoes that got stolen in Holes, but they were red.


I am also inclined to say that piggy bank is toy story


Hmm… that ain’t look like Hamm to me

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Really do not now what it is if not that.
This is fun to do.
Congratz on the thread

Thx (10 letters)

Pc flyers.(sky high?)

Sorry but I don’t think so

I shred this thread with the Creative Team and they love all your ideas - even the wrong ones :sunglasses:


Lucky Egg I’m fairly certain is Cool Runnings! And Bluebird of Happiness might be from Song of the South. And Heroes Night Out is The Incredibles.

:joy: :laughing::sweat_smile::sweat:

Uh oh, We have some wrong ones in that list!

SOo, I assume this means you are not gonna correct them @Polaris?

I think he means the ones in the comment section. My list could be inaccurate though

Well you just said the worst Disney movie ever… Song of the South. But ok

Lucky Egg might be cool runnings since the description says wanna kiss my lucky egg and in one scene, one of the characters says wanna kiss my egg.

Yeah it was a bad movie but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be references to it in the game

It was bad because it was racist…

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