Badge Origins

Why don’t you add the origin of the badges to the game. It would be a very nice thing to do!!

Or just correct the wrong ones!

Think this is the origin for the mathematical delicious

Bit of Prestidigitation might be Mulan. At the end she got a medal with a dragon on it.

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Also I think you’re missing Driving with Style? A purple badge

Can you show me an image @TherMasterStitch?

Sure and I think it’s a reference to Toy Story. I’ll find one

Nvm @TherMasterStitch I found it and actually it’s McQueen’s Wheel, so it’s from Cars. Good eye though, I actually did forget to add that in. Thank you

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  1. If you saw those 2 birds from Love Birds. Those birds are from Tarzan. 2. Teddy Bear is actually from The Rescuers, not Winnie the Pooh. 3. Nest Egg is from The Rescuers Down Under, because the nest is Marahute’s, if you seen the movie. 4. Springtime Flowers are from Bambi. 5. V.I.T.A.L. Information is from The Black Hole. 6. Frying Pan has a different title. The correct title is Tangled. 6. Rousing Musical Number is from Pocahontas because it referenced it. 7. And same goes with Toy Story with the badge, Badge of Friendship. 8. Shoebill is from For the Birds. 9. Dramatic Pause is from Disney Emoji Blitz. 10. In the Doghouse is from Lady and the Tramp. And 11. Wind-Up Mouse Is from The Great Mouse Detective. If anyone or I can think of more N/A badges, we’ll let you know.
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No prob! But I think it’s toy story and specially Buzz. It says Lightyear on it like Buzz Lighter. And the name driving with style is like falling with style. Idk it might also be cars :man_shrugging:

It is Cars. Lightyear is just a reference to Toy Story in the Cars movies.

Damn you are a DISNEY expert

Weird Website is So Weird, an old, dark Disney Channel show.

Driving in style is cars refernce you can tell since the drwan tier is tier lighting mcqueen shown to have and he mentioned something realted to this in the first cars movie

Pft. It was racist?

That is all you got out of the movie?

Yes, it was racist, But that is what things were like in those times. In fact, it was trying to show the whole idiocy of the Hate against the different colors.

A Negro finds his life more happy by thinking of (and telling) stories of Brer Rabbit. The White boy’s mother does not approve and wants to send the Negro away, After an incident with a bull, the mother relents and discovers that she was wrong.

We see, that the Negro and The Grandmother both got along.

The story is about Class boundaries and demonstrated that people are just people, we all are supposed to be equal.

But, Not everyone likes that Kind Of thing.


Also Incognito Mode might be Toy Story since Mr. Potato Heads mustache, nose, and eye brows look similar to those glasses?

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Think this is the origin for Pigasus

Nice. I think you found it too

Breakfast of Champions might be based on Breakfast of Champions. It was distributed by Buena Vista which is now Walt Disney Pictures.
Also Cheese Wheel might be the Lizzie McGuire movie since she got a big cheese wheel though that’s a stretch.
More of a stretch, Rocket Patch Kit might be Jessie since I’m one episode they “went” to space and the rocket had old chewing gum (though this is a veeeeeery big stretch.

I know. Oh, I forgot to mention that Drum Line is from I believe Babes in As well as the Rock Punch. If you see the Rock’s Hand, that is from Hercules.

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