Bajeet and buford


“I am your slave by bully code”

Stars 3

Bajeet and Buford are ready to rumba ( cooler than rumble )
Trial team red
Midline control
Entrance bajeet and Buford walk

Victory bajeet and Buford do a fist bump

Defeat Buford pulls bajeets koed body/corspe

Basic attack Buford punches

White skill ultimate intelligence

Bajeet puts on his smart helmet making a calculation doubling all debuffs on all enemies for 10 seconds also removing some oxygen dealing x true damage to all enemies for 12 seconds and stunning the enemy with the most debuffs for 12 seconds

Green skill nerd summon
Every 10 seconds bajeet and Buford summon nerds

If bajeet and Buford are above 60% hp they summon 4 speckies which are backline and deal 2x more damage then fantasy nerds but have half hp

If below 60% hp they summon 3 fantasy nerds which has x hp and deal x damage

If below 20% hp they summon 5 speckies and 5 fantasy nerds

Blue skill bounce pop

Buford pops the bounce house stunning all enemies for 7 seconds and adding 3 stacks of fatigue

The stun and fatigue has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Purple skill bully code

Whenever enemies are stunned 4 times Buford and bajeet gain x basic damage for the rest of the wave

Red skill bully and nerd

Buford and bajeet has a 20% chance to stun enemies with their basic attack

Ultimate intelligence now heals bajeet and Buford for x hp per debuff on enemies and damage and tank allies.

Whenever an enemy is stunned that enemy is shattered for 8 seconds.

The shatter has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Friendship with Scrooge mcduck

Bajeet and Buford ask for allowance from scrooge when he refuses Buford makes threats unfazing Scrooge mcduck

Disk allowance needed
Enemies have -x attack and movement speed per stack of fatigue on them

Friendship with wall e

Buford and bajeet decide to make few modifications to wall e

Disk junkgrade
Buford and bajeet gain 100 energy when an enemy is stunned

When you say about your nerd summon
Does it summon every second

This needs a limit

This second greatest I made behind Jake from the nverland non attacks have logic

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