Jake from the nverland non attacks have logic


Yo hoho




Entrance Jake drives his tugboat which is sentient for some non scientific reason then he hops off with no casualties

Victoryjake probably uses the pixie dust or has telekinetic DAbloon powers then gold Dabloons circle around him like a hive mind

Defeat Jake Falls down on his back Surprisingly No casualties

Basic attack Jake swings with his sword magically creating a non logical shockwave

White skill can you find Da DAbloons. Passive when Jake crits he finds a dabloon and gives it to a random ally allies gain x basic damage and reality and armor and 5% attack speed per dabloon all dabloons carry through the waves Active: Jake find 3 Gold dabloons and gives them to himself allies lose 1 gold dabloon when they are hit with true damage or fantastic crit but gain 2 gold dabloons when they are hit with normal crit

Green skill skully da loons: Skully parrot is here now so skully drops 10 gold dabloons and gives 1-5 to Jake and the rest to allies

The da bloons have a chance to fail against allies above level x

Blue skill boat cannons

Jake shoots the cannons from his boat dealing x normal damage to all enemies 5 times this deals an additional x fantastic damage per dabloon on Jake and support allies

Purple skill captain Jake: whenever Jake exceeds 10 gold dabloons

He turns into captain Jake. Jake does an additional 150% damage and the cannons are now the mighty colossus which deal 2x damage and deal instead fantastic damage and deal additional true damage per dabloon Jake also heals x hp per second.

Red skill yo ho ho ahoy mateys: Allies gains + 50 energy per gold dabloon on them

As captain Jake whenever he crits he instead gets 5 gold dabloons

Skully da bloons now drops 25 gold dabloons.

Jake has x reality and x armor and x basic damage per gold dabloon on tank and damage role allies.

Friendship with Peter Pan

Jake asks PETER PAN how he was doing n the city do they set off a quest for a golden dadiamond

Disk dadiamond

Whenever Jake gains a dabloon other than his white skill all allies gains 50 energy per dabloon

Friendship with That scout kid and Kevin the snipe

They will now hunt for golden dasnipes

Disk is called golden dahunt

Whenever an ally crits that ally gains 5 gold dabloons.


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Now thia ia epic

So should the devs add this

  • Yes
  • No

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Wow the results are tied but it is likely

No it isn’t…


Yep we all do

Of course I hold on to this idea after overview of bolt but I was not done with the idea

The devs font add concepts they add original mkvesets
now stop trying to get your concepts into the game narcissist
(also i still like your conceots, im just pointing something out)

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