Bambi, the prince of the forest


As a big fan of kingdom hearts, one of my favorite summons of the game was Bambi, here is my take on a move set related to the skills presented there.

Bambi’s basic attacks are like Judy Hopps short ranged.

White skill — Gifted miracle
All characters heal to full health. (Friend and foe alike)

Green skill — Idyll romp
Bambi jumps and hits in the head of an enemy stunning for 3 seconds and doing 1/4 skill power of damage

Blue skill — Peacefull prince
Bambi dodges a melee attack and jumps away of the enemy, the enemy is slowed by 70%

Purple skill — Paradise
All team member have 30% conservation, Bambi cannot have energy stolen from him

The idea behind the design is to create a hero that will help late scaling damage dealers, helping the team survive the first wave of active skills and using the conservation to unleash your team first on the second rotation of abilities.

I believe currently the meta is focus on kill as fast as you can strategies and this hero will give a place to shine to other heroes


Well, all skills ingame have to be upgradable, your character only has his green skill upgradable. And yes, the white one still looks too overpowered…Or vise versa, having Bambi leads to failure cause he heals everyone and doesn’t let his allies to destroy the foes in 1,5 minutes.


Bambi must 1 be nerfed and 2 make it so it has a chance to fail against enemy’s and allies below level ___


The problem with you statement, is that if he also has conservation then when his allies launch their skills, he will launch his as well. Healing the enemies…


You are right, all skill must have a possibility of failure according to level


Sorry, I usually play without the auto, so that wouldn’t be a problem, but I understand your concern


I was refering to arena where auto is stuck on :wink:


White skill is terrible !!!