Bambi,Thumber & Flower are a backline ”support” team. Bambi,Thumber & Flower will be available in the Diamond Crate for Servers 1-17.


Catch a butterfly

Bambi catches a butterfly with his tail , healing allies , and giving invincibility to 3 weakest allies .

Flower jumping

At the start of wave bambi,Thumber & Flower
Jump on land of flowers , increasing allies attackspeed and skillpower for few seconds.

Eating greens

Bambi,Thumber & Flower eat 3 flowers healing themselves , then they throw flowers to enemies team to damage them and decreasing their damage .

Loyal friends

Whenever they get a buff from allies , they share the buff with eachother , increasing amonut or
Duration of the buff .

Mother’s love

With the protection of bambi’s mother soul , Bambi,Thumber & Flower can be only damage each 2 seconds. Mean they are immune to rapid damage.

Friends ships
Bambi , Thumper & Flower & Judy hopps
Bambi , Thumper & Flower & simba & nala


Good concept, but what about their friendships they’ll have?

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Decent concept but the grammar needs work.

As far as friendship goes, going with your mother love concept… think instead of alice should be simba&nala and friendship can be called child’s revenge (as in revenge for parent’s death) and can be something like scar and queen of hearts friendship ability. Judy is fine and can be called down the rabbit hole. Which can give like a percentage of armor to supports or something like that.

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Nice concept

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