Ban Darkwing Duck from Friendship

Darkwing Duck in friendships is at it again. Not only does he go invisible every 5 seconds and using his white skill frrquently. Now with his red skill, he has a reflect and he heals himself which makes him twice as unbeatable.

I just don’t understand it. I did not safe my XP drinks, level their skill and raid day and night to get my heroes to the proper rank so i can lose to a stupid masked duck that can NEVER EVER BE TOUCHED!

So, please PB. Please i beg of you. Ban Darkwing Duck from being faced in Friendship campaigns so i can move on. I have a system going on and up to my eyeballs in friendship campaign

Please, pretty please, please i am begging you. Ban Darkwing Duck!!! :pray::pray::pray:

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Just upgrade your heroes! Ban Sally, DW Ban everyone, literally right?
This isnt the solution, Theres no campaign thats unbeatable.


What are the available heroes?

Tbh, I don’t feel like banning a hero from a friendship campaign(s) isn’t always the best solution.

Basically that.


Picture this: You have Miss Piggy’s friendship with Gaston. Your on the second part of the 1st episode so you just have Miss Piggy and Gaston. The second wave has Darkwing Duck. The second Miss Piggy lands a hit on him, POOF! he goes invisible.

I tried both Miss Piggy and Gaston white skill. Too bad. POOF! DW goes invisible and can’t lay a finger on him.

Darkwing Duck has always been a problem for me in friendship campaigns. And out of all of them this one happens to be the worst.

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Tell us your heroes’ ranks…

Miss Piggy- Red-0 (the campaign’s required rank)

Gaston- Red-1

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Banning all heroes is indeed not the solution. However, we must keep in mind that Darkwing is refreshed quite recently, in relation to this campaign.

In that refresh he gained reflect agter invisibilty, making it harder and harder to beat him. You only have a few seconds to do so. So I don’t know if just upgrading heroes will work to finish this campaign.

In conclusion, considering the request of removal would be good.


Not refresh but red skill.

Best solution is to disable red skills and battle badges of enemies in friendship campaigns.


Sorry my bad, didn’t remember it was with red skill. But I do think that would be a great solution. It would also fix problems with Sally, Elsa, Hades and more.

Yeah I had problem with Darkwing duck on honey lemons friendship.

It’s all about luck really and to also not play on auto use white skills manually.

Took me numerous times to get the timing just right so that I avoided his reflect and didn’t ko myself

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Darkwing’s invisbility only triggers on critical hits, so try to avoid studying or scaring (but Miss Piggy nor Gaston Study or Scare)


How you’re supposed to avoid characters you’re forced to use in friendship campaigns?

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Not heroes, just to avoid studying or scaring

wait till u try kermit and gonzo… u’ll be in for a surprise

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