Ban swearing

Alot of people has been swearing and they need to be stopped is uncensored in the guild they wont get chat scilence when they swear and my guild mate said that there is no such thing called no swearing
And there is something called no swearing so pls chat scilence people who is swearing in the guild

@Loutre can swearing be censored in the guild

Please make sure you report players who are using inappropriate language.


Okay I will make sure

Sounds to me you just in the wrong kind of guild…. Not just kids play this game, and think guild chat should be uncensored, especially if the guild is established as an adult guild.

honestly the whole chat ban system already extreme in my opinion. Just because you don’t agree how someone calls themselves, opinionated themselves, says lol too many times, etc I don’t think they deserve to be banned /chat silenced from the game (think should be a setting for guild leaders to decide if to censor it or not these “sentence enhancers “ as spongebob carton puts it @Loutre)

Now if they sexually harassing other players, especially under age people and have been reported several times, that’s a diffrent story.

These are the rules for ALL chat channels in game:

  • No harassment of other players or of people outside the game.
  • No discussion of sex (including sex acts, and the sexual orientation of others), drugs, politics, or religion.
  • No obscenities in any language.
  • No spamming or flooding the chat causing conversation to be difficult.
  • No discussion about moderators, their practices and any banning that has or has not taken place.
  • Do not request or discuss moderation within chat.
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