Barbossa Tia dalma friendship disk


Can someone tell me what the purpose of the study disk is? Is it useful or should I go with the Stitch friendship disk first? I’m level 106 but I never know which friendship disk to work on first from a strategic view. Thanks :blush:


It’s very useful IMO, especially when you use Barbossa and Sparrow in one team.

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I actually am using Stitch disc because it helps slow my opponents even more. FYI, the study will make any normal damage dealed to your opponents will always be critical :slight_smile:

The choice is yours :slight_smile:


You mean the normal damage will be like fantastic damage done with the stitch disk?


You know, with Scared opponents, when you attack them with Fantastic damage, it’ll always be critical, as in the damage will be doubled

Study and normal damage also work like that :slight_smile: you could say Study is the Scared version for normal damage ;))))

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Oh and Stitch disc make Barbossa slow enemies down longer and The Tia Dalma disc make Barbossa study enemies at the beginning of waves

So, if you want to focus on study, please choose the Tia disc. If you want to focus on slowing enemies, please choose the Stitch disc

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Thank you so much for explaining this to me. I started playing in September and I’m still trying to understand the different types of skills and how they work. lol :joy:
actually the Invasion that was introduced to my server about a month ago, has helped me a little bit in understanding what skill does what. lol Thank you!


Thank you everyone for all your help and answering my silly newbie question! lol

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Generally speaking, the Stitch disk is going to be better more often in more ways than the Tia disk. It’s better now than it was, but with how short the study lasts, until it’s at least three stars it doesn’t last long enough to provide a good boost. Barbossa with the extra slow however can pretty much cripple the mama bot, and can make Moana a joke as long as the enemy isn’t also running Tia.


You Can Do Both. :joy:

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