Basil needs a change

Basil is such a tragically bad character, nicknamed “the worst of the 2020”.
What is going on with him? Well…

On the Mark
Normal Damage

Basil scans enemies´ weak points and throws 20 darts at them. Basil targets the enemy with the least HP with each dart, dealing X damage to each enemy and studying them for 3.0 seconds.

The highlighted part is just wrong. In Invasion, he will just keep hitting Brute, who is immune to that damage. In PvP he will just keep hitting Hades, who with his red skill is invincible and thus Basil again wastes hits while the other enemies kill him.
And overall, studying the enemy with the least HP hardly makes much sense. If it was an enemy with the most HP, it could have the health shredded by the hits of others. This way, Basil is just a tragic waste of anyone´s resources.

Not to mention he is practically dead with any CC (his Tenacity is 10), has no real good stat for Damage character (his Armor Negation stays at 9 from the very beginning!) and that´s at level 190.



Don’t even get me started on Basil. Worst investment of my life.

The study from white skill is terrible, and his target should be changed, as you pointed out.

Green skill should aim for any target, studied or not.

The cooldown from his blue skill is too long.

His purple skill gives too much energy. That may seem like a good thing, but the energy is so much that his other skills won’t be usable, including red skill and Mushu disk.

Red skill should also be adjusted, causing DOT every 3rd dart, including the ones from white skill


His disk with Randall should also apply to all disables, not silence.

And his disk with Mushu should be to studied enemies, not enemies with a DOT effect. Also change it to 75% at 5 stars.

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Actually, I think it should apply to studies, to counter Pleakley

Goodbye Pleakley synergy :neutral_face:

Too much.

Hmmm, good idea. Maybe increase their armor while studied as well?

Isn’t he already dead due to the nerf?

How about 60% at 5 stars?

Pleakley? The nerf wasn’t even significant.

50% is fine.

White is just terrible.

Enemy with the least HP should be Enemy with the most HP so that he doesn’t waste his dart on Brute.

Study should be increased to 5-6 seconds.

Green skill should target the farthest enemy. Regardless if it’s studied or not.

His blue skill cooldown is also too long they need to reduce it from 15 seconds to like 7.

His purple skill just stops him from doing anything they should reduce that to 25 energy.

Red skill should be every 3rd dart because like people has been saying he just spews out useless darts the whole time. DOT would at least give it some use.

Randall disk should apply to studies to balance out Pleakley like Djaq and Tragic said.

Mushu disk is fine.



He’s certainly one of the most difficult characters to master in PvP.His friend disk with Randall works well with characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas series, such as Sally, and he makes a good tag team with others, such as Jafar, but his role will almost exclusively be to support them through disk effects.

With the recent update to
Basil now has a very interesting effect when used with Launchpad’s friend disk gizmo in an invasion.Gizmo’s purple skill works very well with Basil.This is a very effective combination in PvP as well, so I encourage his fans to give it a try.

I agree 100% that he needs tenacity or evasion.


He´s like Jack Sparrow, but worse. In a way.

Basil is just waste of time, resources, oxygen when raged and anything what possible. Poorly desgined, great character from also great movie, endless disappointments, just as with Kim Possible’s ‘release’ or more of advertisement to keep players.

I just can watch the resources wasted on him.

And how to fix it… amazingly, comments above covers this just fine, mainly…

Yep. As I said 100s times, since release, and guess what, he didn’t even get any crit related stuff, they make him even worse.

Constantly targeting Hades, stunned from Mulan and others, or frozen by Elsa… disabled by anything even by Ralph. He is bad everywhere, no counter for high armor, nor for disables, absolutely nothing.

@Polaris, please send this further to the team, Basil really needs a refresh, as well as some evasion from future badges and negation…

You are talking about Mushu disk here.
Randall is just anti-silence disk, worthless.


Basil needs being buffed or refershed weakest hero in game

No. Look at Ralph or Woody or Miguel… Basil is weak but not the worst hero in the game

But he was the worst design :confused:


So it’s either to weak or to OP there is no in between

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One other oddity, and this is purely nitpicking, is his victory pose. Why does he squeak? I know he’s a mouse, but he sounded nothing like that in the movie.

A vocal version of “Ha ha!” like how he said it in the movie when he got a lead or an idea would be much better.


What? No one is talking about his power. It’s his skillset and disks. He has the worst design ever.

If Ralph was to measure up to Basil, Ralph would win. Actually, Ralph can beat Basil in his current state.


I wasn’t talking about power either I’m just saying everyone says the newer characters are to OP but Basil is considered to be a bad character

Basil is “OP” damage-wise, but he’s awful

But I agree it’s annoying when a character targets an invincible character

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So if a lot of people discuss about it and agrees that Basil requires some changes… maybe time to pass it further to the team?

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