Be Grateful

So many people are complaining about the level cap increasing too quickly. I’m an F2P player and personally I’m OK with it. At least they leave us some time to level up a bit. I’m almost level 90 but I know I can make it. We just gotta believe that we can make it. The point of the game is to have fun. What also keeps me up is the thought of never becoming the most powerful


I’m so glad there r people like u.


One of your best posts ever made :wink:

I agree entirely although, I just reached lvl 91 today. You are completely right. The point of this game is to have fun. Glad at least one other F2P has seen the light.

fist bumps


Game gonna be big numbers next promotion… Wait I stand corrected. o8 y’all?

I agree 100% with all of ya, is game is just for fun not to be angry.
If you don’t like the updates or anything you can leave the game or deal with it, perblue chooses what’s next so don’t be rude to them for this
Some things they can change but most is understandable like how some things you need to pay, the game is free they need to get there money.

So yes


Yes alwaya strive for being the least !

Way to go !
Everytime I go to work I say to myself:

Today If I give my least ppl will die well its going to happen anyways some day.

Appreciate your fighting spirit ! Thumps up

This is not about complaining but a creative process. NORMALLY the two parties would meet in the middle…

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@Wild_Eule grow up! Whilst I personally don’t necessarily agree with @Stanford_Pines_X comments here, I accept that they are perfectly entitled to have them.
If you don’t agree with them either, that’s cool, but rather than being patronising and condescending maybe in future you could instead practice some tolerance and restraint and just keep quiet.

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Not striving to be the least, striving to accept that you cannot keep up with the P2P and the C2P. There is a difference :wink:

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Thats a good point and I appreciate your opinion

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To be honest, I understand that the level cap increase is a main issue, but I don’t seem to care.

Neither do I (20 characters)