Beagle Boys Hero Concept

Name: Beagle Boys (Trio Team) :star: :star:
Quote: We’re the Beagle Boys!
Team Trial: Red
Entrance: The Beagle Boys sneak into their positions, one after another.
Victory: They all snicker.
Defeat: They all fall on the ground, one after another.
Basic Attacks: Beagle Boy #1 will whack a enemy with a money sack, Beagle Boy #2 will punch the enemy, and Beagle Boy #3 will throw a stick of dynamite and it will blow up shortly after, every attack dealing X damage.

White Skill: Maniac Mayhem.
All of the Beagle Boys will start to throw sticks of dynamite for 3 seconds, blowing up every enemy, but not doing much damage/X.

Green Skill: Money Monsters.
All of the Beagle Boys will start whacking the enemy, doing X damage to enemies in front of the attackers.

Blue Skill: Punch Packers.
All of the Beagle Boys will start to punch the enemy, dealing X damage to any enemy in front of the attackers.

Purple Skill: The Big Bang.
All attacks will get x2 more attack damage.

Red Skill: The Biggest Bozos.
The Beagle Boys will drive a stolen car into enemies, dealing X damage.

Friendship 1: Beagle Boys/Yzma
Bigger Threats.
The Beagle Boys’ attacks will do x2 more damage.

Friendship 2: Beagle Boys/Tigger
Tricky Tricksters.
The Beagle Boys, at the start of the battle, will do extra damage for 5 seconds.

Have A Great Day and Stay Safe!!


Aren’t they supposed to be red?

Huey,Dewey,and Louie are on the RED team,put them there.

Otherwise,great concept!

I have no idea what the beagle boys can do so I can’t rate this one at all except for red. Red should have push back & stun.

ok. thank you for the support!

Oh yeah, red skills also can’t be separate skill yet either, they tie into pretty much any skill & the number of skills they tie into varies in what the red does, what each skill does & the purpose of the character(s).

… what does that puppy have anything i mean ANYTHING about disney?

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it’s just one of my friends being herself XD

Oh. Ok.

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