Beast tips

The beast is better on a Study or scare focus team?
Like gizmo duck(launchpad disc), Barbosa(dalma disc), beast(sully) , baymax(wall_le disc) and hook(Barbosa disk) or
Like joy(Olaf disk), Jack sk(hatter disk), goofy(Mikey disk), sully(woody disk) and beast(sully disk)

In all honestly I don’t think he really needs either of these teams to function. However, if I were to choose, I’d say scare since he has so much fantastic damage.

Incorrect. Beast has no fantastic damage at all. You want a Study team initially, but as you start getting mods for him even this becomes unnecessary. You can easily get his critical chance over 100% with Basic Damage Crit Chance mods. The best way to run him is to give him allies that keep him alive, as he is basically invincible forever once his Rage starts going (unless you run into Merlin or Magica, or a full freeze/stun tesm.)


Beast actually does do Fantastic damage funnily enough with his Blue skill “Leaping Claw”. However I don’t think this warrants him being put in a scare time like you said. I too would focus on supporting him with heroes like Megara, Merlin, Animal, Woody, Hades, etc.


Ah sorry. I could’ve sworn his green skill was fantastic.

Thanks for the tips

Goofy and Timon and Pumbaa can counter him. Not a viable pick imo.

T&P alone don’t counter him. They delay him at best but nothing more. You need cc to counter beast

what’s cc?

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cc is a general video game term and stands for Crowd Control. They are disabling effects like stun, freeze, silence etc.

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