Becoming a regular

I think I am almost a regular, I just need to view 3 more topics I think. Can someone tell me the difference between Reading and Viewing a topic, and if anyone wants to go the extra mile and read my summary and tell me exactly what else I have to do? Thank you so much

I’m going to be honest… you really shouldn’t worry so much about becoming a Regular like this. You don’t HAVE to be a Regular to be a good, engaging member of the community. And besides, being a Regular really isn’t as big of a deal as it sounds…


You don’t exactly know when you’re close to Regular. I say just be active on forums.


Ok, thanks

You just get a new category, a title and make wikis. :eye: :lips: :eye:

Yes, I got mine when I was sleeping :joy:, when I woke up I had like 5 @ and I was like wait, what?
But yeah, just be patient and be kind.

And making wikis, but yes is all.

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