Bellwether from Zootopia is coming to the game?

Just wondering after seeing this picture on my email


Bellweather planning on Revenge to Judy and Nick, prepared.

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Wait, we got a zootopia collection before she was confirmed. Is this possible that characters will be confirmed while there is a collection already?

Btw, I think AngerIII keeps telling us that he wants bellwether to be in the game. I think he got his wish.


I wonder who your friendships will be.

If exist the possibility to extend a IP (Collection) already in the game. PB can add them. But they need to always, like any other characters have the Disney approval and pass the “Development” part of that.

We should be happy anyway that this character passed Development hell (also the coding part) and got greenlighted by Disney.

Almost all of the Zootopia characters have at least 3 friends, Nick, Judy and Bogo with 4, so I doubt those 3 will have her just because they have so many already. Mr. Big only has 1, so…he could maybe have her as one reasonably (storyline/relevance aside), but they could also just give 4 to someone else like Claw, Finnick or Yax. My guess for another one could just be simple like The Mayor? I don’t know her skillset yet, but if she can dish out some damage, then it’s certainly doable, I would think Control over Support for her.

Well she’s now officially announced.

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