Bertie Unlikely Hero Concept


Description: The red bus from sodor have arrived in the city, Bertie has come to help his allies with his speed and capability as a bus. As we’ll to hinder the enemies with his horn.

Quote: ‘‘So you’re Thomas, Oh I remember now you got stuck in the snow, I took your passengers and Terence the tractor pulled you out, I’ve come to help you with your passengers today’’
Star: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Midline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Bertie enter the battlefield with a content expression.

Victory: a bunch of people will come out of nowhere to celebrate Bertie, as Bertie honk his horn happily.

Defeat: Bertie Engine will start to malfunction as steam start to pour out.


Basic Attack: Bertie honk his horn to the closet enemy and deal X Normal Damage.

White Skill: Fastest Bus:
Bertie drive across the battlefield 5 times, dealing X Normal Damage to each enemy he rides through.

Bertie is untargetable while passing by the enemies.

Green Skill: Better Hurry:
Bertie tease one of his ally with the most Basic Attack, increasing the Attack Speed by 45% for 6 seconds.

The Attack Speed increase has a chance to fail on allies above level Y.

Blue Skill: Fuming Horn:
Bertie angrily honk his horn long and loud, causing the enemies to have Basic Attacks and Armor decrease by 35% for 8 seconds. While increasing Bertie and his allies Armor by X for 10 seconds.

The Armor Increase has a chance to fail on Bertie and allies above level Y.

Purple Skill: With A Roar:
Before using “Fastest Bus”, Bertie gains 85% of Movement Speed and Basic Attack increases for 10 seconds.

Red Skill: Red Bus:
Bertie and his allies take 45% less damage from True Damage. When an enemy deal True Damage to Bertie, his Armor is increased by Z for the rest of the wave up to Z Armor.

Bertie “Fastest Bus” does Extra X Damage to shield enemies and stun enemies.

• + Z Armor
• + Z Max HP
• + Z Bonus Damage to “Fastest Bus”



[Bertie and Thomas]
Description: On a Sunny Day, Thomas was taking Annie and Clarabel to take some passengers on this fine day, as he waited at the station, Thomas soon saw a red bus and to the surprise of Thomas, Bertie rounded the corner to see Thomas. Thomas and Bertie were ecstatic to see each other again, as both heroes talk about their lives, Bertie suggested to race to see who still the fastest.

Disk Name: Car Vs Train
Disk Power:
• + X Basic Attack to Bertie and his allies while they have Movement Speed Increases
• + X Reality to allies while they have Movement Speed Increases
• + X Max HP

• Bertie Start each Wave with 150/300/450/600/750 Energy.

Allies: Phoebus, Mother Gothel, Judy Hopps


[Bertie and Mickey Mouse]
Description: Mickey decided to take Donald and Goofy for a fun event at the beach as Minnie went shopping with Daisy, but he forgot to fix his car. So Mickey decided to take the bus with Donald and Goofy to reach the beach.

Disk Name: Sensational Bus
Disk Power:
• + X Armor to Bertie and his allies
• + X Max HP to Bertie and his allies
• + X Normal Crit

• Bertie is immune to Movement Speed and Attack Speed decrease and instead Heal himself for 30%/45%/50%/65%/70% of his Max HP whenever someone attempts to decrease his Movement Speed or Attack Speed.

Allies: Goofy, Donald Duck, Sweetums

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