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Can u guys help me with my arena team? My team has 4 star sulley, 2 star Quorra,3 Star Merida,3 star Calhoun,And 3 star EVE.Plz help

I would replace Quorra with a healer like Yax but that depends on how leveled up your healer is…

Quora is amazingly powerful, but Eve on that team isn’t useful with a lack of status effects on allies. If you want to use her Tia and Ralph are good pairs. Otherwise I’d pull her out in exchange for Tia or Wall-E.

Yuck, I am sorry but this team is overall horrendous. No synergy to speak of. These heroes are good in combination and even on their own but this combination is all over the place. Now unfortunately you didnt post any other important stats like TL, other strong heroesyou have, which arena you are in but let me try to make some very overall sweeping ideas to help you.

Calhoun if you have Violet disk is very solid on any team. Sulley is great with Mike for the stunning of scared enemies. Quorra can work with those two but most people including myself like Zurg especially with Woody with them. Quorra is still a solid damage hero for fantastic damage and can fit on any team but really likes the energy generation of heroes like Wall-E to get her going faster. Merida while not top tier for normal damage imo (Moana being my vote for best) is still solid if paired with heroes like Woody and Judy. EVE once again while not top tier is great in high control comps… of which this has none aside from her own stun.

The “standard” composition typically goes with 1 of the following options: 1 Tank, 2 Control, 1 Damage, 1 Support; 1 Tank, 1 Control, 2 Damage, 1 Support; 1 Tank, 1 Control, 1 Damage, 2 Support.

Currently you have 1 Tank and 4 Damage. So while you have really high DPS you are very vulnerable to being controlled and locked down along with having no sustain to keep the fight going.

Hope this can help and if you want more direct advice please feel free to add more information such as: disks, TL, other heroes, current ranking, even server number can help.


My best team is Eve, Mike, Yax, Merida, and Calhoun. It’s a good team in the area for me so just saying what works best for me and trying to help…

@Explorer_Mushu_II If that team works for you then that is great but once again there are many problems with that team. Firstly you have no frontline. While tankless comps are viable, that is not a good one to use. Yax is imo the worst support in the game as of now. Put literally any support in for him and you will probably win more. Your use of EVE is only slightly better than the OP because of Mike’s ability to stun scare enemies. Still not gokd though.

Aside from that again Calhoun with Vi disk is great and provides a good bit of survivability but that by itself is not good enough. Merida once again while not a top tier damage hero is great with supports that can actually… well support her. People like Woody and Judy come to mind. Mike while a decent damager is still best paired with Sulley. If you dont use Sulley I cannot reccomend you to use Mike.

Once again just because it is a good team for tou now doesn’t mean it is a good team as early on typically whoever has more power will win but when you get to arenas of probably 45k+ power teams then you need to look at composition. Which once again this team lacks any synergy and has no sense of what it tries to be.

A good way to see whats a good team is look at the top ranked on your server.

Or who ever is last ranked of the top ranked. Look at how they made teams and try to figure out why they made their teams that way

Mostly cause i wanna do some fun teams like Aladdin, quorra, baymax and scar, cause for the first few seconds of the fight they are not on the board they just do damage which to me is hilarious. Just need one more hero like that and ill have a full ghost team.

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Hey how u can see the teams of the top ranked players? This is possible?

Yes on the right side of the main screen there is a place called “rankings” on the left of in that menu use the drop down to see arena and it will have the top players I think it shows teams there if not then in arena itself tap the i info button at the top and look at the challengers

Tkss for the answer.

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