Best Blue invasion team for mid-level player


I’m level 80 and I need help to find a viable Blue team for invasion. Any info on Disk/mod/tactic would help.
The team needs enough damage to do at least 10% damage on low bosses (lvl 50-90), and also survivable in Breaker campaign.
The stress is that I’m only lvl80, so a lot of disks or elite campaign chips aren’t available to me yet, even though I’ve unlocked all Blue team heroes.

Right now I’m running Olaf Felix Zurg Alice Elsa. The team does ok in Breaker, and quite survivable, but can’t do 10% damage even on lvl50 boss. The only one that does any significant damage is Zurg.


Alice’s Miguel disk is extremely helpful, I have it at two stars (My Alice is O2, level 105 and fully skilled) and she does a significant amount of damage when giant, especially her stomp. I believe the highest I’ve seen it do is over 1,000,000.

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Buzz with Zurg disk is great for damage against bots. Their friendship unlocks at level 62. Turn off auto and never trigger Buzz. You just need to manually trigger your other heroes when the bot drops creeps to keep the coast clear so that Buzz can sit there in laser machine gun mode blasting the bot.


For Blue team, I’m using Olaf (Moana), Elsa (Olaf), Shank (Vanellope), Alice (Quorra) and Stitch (Mad Hatter)

My blue team survives quite well in Breaker Quest but like you, when facing the bosses, they do not-so-much damage. I have to use x3 breaker to fight lv 90 boss… which is not ok compared to Red and Yellow Invasion week

The things about Blue team are that:

  1. They don’t have heroes that do significant damage and have a high survivability. They either have only one of those

  2. They don’t have a effective team healer. That’s why for the long run, you should choose heroes that have self-heal. As for me, my Elsa dies the most often as she can’t self-heal and her teammates can’t heal her either

Luckily for me, I still am be able to achieve tier 25 (through very really hard work). I hope you could do the same

As for your team, I think you should find another better tank than Felix. Because it’s hard enough to keep him alive. And if he is not, neither is your team :slight_smile:

Zurg is a glass canon. So please have some one protect him, when he triggers his white skill, all hell will break loose


Yea my idea is to use Felix as healer. Felix + Olaf as Zurg’s meat shield. Still, the damage was quite disappointing.
Without Olaf, Felix isn’t strong enough to solo tank. With Olaf, damage isn’t good enough to get 10%.

2 weeks ago I got tier 27 with my Red team (quite an achievement for a lvl75 account, I think). But Blue team, no such luck.

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It took me 4 out of 5 days to complete 25 tiers in Blue team week

I have Elsa, Alice for main damage. Stitch is strong too but he is not suitable for the bosses. He’s there to kill normal-damage-immunity brute with his fantastic green skill and if he get to the state of too low HP, he’ll active his blue skill on every opponent thanks to his disc with Mad Hatter. But in order to do that, he need to NOT be K.O-ed

Thanks to Alice and Shank friend disc, my team got a lot of armor. And that’s why in boss fights, I have never seen Stitch active his blue skill, even once =))) I don’t know if I should be happy or not :)))

Hopefully they will release a Blue team healer (not Genie, please…) and an effective damage dealer.

My team is not weak, just that they may not be suitable for boss fights


Herc, Woody, Zurg, Alice and Buzz carried me to breaker 206. It’s all about not using auto, and being quick on reading bot movements. It telegraphs when it’s going to summon by lifting the lead leg. When it does, trigger Zurg. Never activate Buzz. Activate Herc whenever his invincibility wears off and you’ll never lose a hero. Activate Alice and Woody pretty much whenever they’re ready and bot fights will be trivial.


My Blue team had 2 different teams; team Breaker, and team Boss.

Unlike Red and Yellow, Blue does not have a traditional healer, so surviving the long term is unorthodox. For team Blue, GENIE is the S-tier hero. He is a great healer and provides other forms utility to help you survive. Both my breaker team and boss team rely on Genie to keep everything together. If you have access to both his Disks, use them—Mike’s disk is great for breakers, Elsa’s disk is superior for bosses.

Breaker: My team consisted of Aladdin, Genie, Alice, Elsa, and Megara. Alice, Elsa, and Aladdin mixes all the damage types you need to hurt every kind of enemy. Genie is the main healer and Meg is always manually linked to him at the start of battle to keep him from getting KO’d. This is key because Genie can’t heal himself.

Boss: This team is a little different—Hercules, Hades, Genie, Elsa, Alice. Hercules can heal himself and becomes invincible too, so he’s pretty self-sufficient. Genie is here mostly to rapidly provide more energy, allowing for Elsa, Alice, and Hades to clean the stage more frequently. Genie should be using his Elsa disk for the extra basic damage, which gets a ton more mileage out of in this case.

Other members: Woody with Buzz’s disk can easily replace Alice, and he can provide the team so much energy to work with. He’s also an excellent counter against wards that slow down your attack speed. Zurg is often more potent than Elsa, but his position is a lot riskier. So while Elsa is more useful, you can opt to replace her with Zurg if you need to kill things more quickly.


It seems like most people agree Alice + Elsa is good enough damage.
I have to admit I haven’t built Alice’s skills to the max (no gold to build too many heroes). Maybe I will max her out now and try next week.

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