Best Healer ingame

Which character is the best healer in game?

Sully & Boo because it does Massive healing

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Assuming you have his Woody Disc at 5 Stars. Which heals the whole team 100% of Sulley’s Heal.

They say Mickey and Miguel’s the best Healer in game.


Mickey because his skills and stats carry well in the end game, you can use him 'till the end, so he is a great investment. He has great utility with his double buffs - additional energy and team damage boost - and double heals, single target and team wide.

Flynn for his utility with white skill which removes crowd control, it’s an exceptionally powerful tool. He also has a comparable heal (that sadly won’t always heal, sometimes it will do damage which I doubt anyone would want from a support) and a universal shield. AND he himself is immune from crowd control

Sulley and boo if the woody disc is 5 stars he can heal to whole team by more than micky mouse miguel or kevin mcflin even if he got cursed since its halves healing not oreneting totaly anymore

Mickey and olaf (20 characters)

going non disk Mickey
With disk Sully

Best healers in each role.

Tank: Sulley(Wo)
Control: Genie
Support: Mickey
Damage: Jack Skellington

Yax is the best till around lvl…what? 50?

@Champion_David No, level 105. I use him all the time, he’s my most powerful hero. :clown_face:


Miguel until you get Sulley - Woody Disk

Joy She not only heals but also puts up a massive shield

The real best healer is miguel cause he is the only healer that can’t be charmed

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