Best server for newbie?

For a new player it’s better to start in s1 or in s21-22?

Plus, anyone knows if s23 will be released near in the future?

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S21/S22. You will never reach the level cap as an F2P player in S1. The level is too high for beginners with no digital money.

Yeah if you’re new the best is the newer servers. Even if you’re willing to spend a lot of money it will be hard to catch up on older ones

As Stitch and Djaq have said, higher numbered severs have lower caps, meaning you’ll be closer to the top. However, they also receive new heroes later than newer severs, so you won’t get a hero that appears in the patch notes until another update weeks later.

What about in 2023? Server 25 is the one I’m on

Server 1 is the best server to start on as a new player now :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m stuck on server 25 :joy:

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