Best Shielder and Best Healer (upgrade poll)

I only have enough UltraXP crates to upgrade 5 of my level 200s to 210, so I have to choose whom gets the upgrade out of these 4:

I will upgrade one shielder and one healer only, so which ones are the best choices to raise up?

And please don’t go off on tangents about other shielders or healers, I only want to discuss the ones shown here.

Kristoff and Baymax, go well together too


But if you’re not planning on using them together, I would pick Baymax and Pooh

Kristoff is WAY better than Pooh, at healing and in general.
They also have HL built so :sweat_smile:

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HL (Hi) and Pooh is actually a great combo. The three of them (Pooh, HL and Kristoff) is even better

Sally disk on Honey.
Don’t ask :sweat_smile:

But yes you’re right it’d be very good

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To clarify, the other 3 are Mulan, Elsa and Honey Lemon.
The purpose of this poll is to determine who the other two will be to fill out the team.

And please do not discuss Friendship Discs, I want to know how they measure up without them.

In that case Kristoff (+Sven) and Baymax would indeed fit best. Kristoff benefits from having Honey Lemon and helps improving Elsa himself.

However, I do need to be the bringer of bad news and that is that Baymax’ Olaf disk is kinda perfect here…

And that is precisely why I want to leave Friendship discs out of it.
If Baymax doesn’t freeze, would he still be recommended as the goto shielder for this team?

It’s about the hero, not their disc.

Not really.
But anyway, unlike newer campaigns, Baymax/Olaf will be basically free with a red Baymax

MIGHT have to upgrade Olaf a bit if a brute appears but not much

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