Best team 💪


Which char is best to level up

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Sulley & Boo. One of the best Tanks u can have. Especially with the Woody disk.



There’s not really a “best team” because there are a lot of Heroes that go well together:

  1. Zurg and Woody

  2. Sulley and Mike

  3. etc. etc.



Thank. Best healer??

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shrugs I have no clue. All I know is Sulley is good, Merida is good, Moana is good, Quorra is good.



XD best healer is a relative term. There never is a best. Miguel is good, Yax is good to a certain lvl and Sullet with Woody disk isnt bad either. Not helpful I know but best I can do.



This is a post on a similar topic I had made some time ago. It’s a little out dated but all of the heroes are still good because of points I listed her but will be making notes of who to put over which in this previous post.

Tanks: Unchanged

Ralph, Sulley and Baymax are still by and large the best tanks in the game so refer to the quote above on that front. That being said this was before disks were availible for Baymax. Preference goes to Wall-E as the extra shield HP and duration is great, alongside that it makes his shields give armor to the team.

Damage: Scar>Calhoun

Calhoun is still a great damage choice but Scar is just absurd with his kit. Calhoun takes a number 4 slot for damage but has lost 3rd to the Villain of The Lion King.

Scar has an AoE silence, 75% damage reduction, invisibility and becomes untargetable for the first 12 seconds of battle, along with an execution bite and lifesteal. His prowl skill makes him incredibly tanky while still able to do his absurd damage in relative safety. This also makes him quite good as an off-tank if you want to do a tankless composition. Disk choice goes to Maleficent as reactivating his prowl after falling below a certain HP threshold allows him to heal back up while after going back into his invisibility.

Support: Mickey>Flynn

Flynn is still a worth while option to invest in and would suggest him as the number 4 support for the points listed above.

Mickey has a 50% damage boost to the team, Massive single target heal, energy generation and a 30% regen over 10 seconds for with his damage boost. The damage bonus is absolutely one of the best skills for a support in the game. Disney’s poster boy is phenomenal as expected. Disk choice goes to Sulley for improved healing and skill power.

Control: Ursula, Maleficent, Elsa

Control is the only role to have been completely redone. Tia and Wall-E still take 4th and 5th respectively and are exceptional picks still in their own right, however they are simply outclassed by newer heroes. Frozone unfortunately falls into obscurity as there is no reason to use him over Wall-E/Elsa.

Ursula hexes her foes stunning them whenever they attempt to make use of their white skills, drains energy from her enemies, lashes out with her tentacles and denies energy gained from when her allies. Ursula can be exceptionally strong in modes with unlocked auto but still great with locked auto. Timing her hex is vital to her playstyle but if executed properly can shut down entire teams. Disk preference goes to Tia as starting energy based on the amount of control heroes in the lineup makes her hex availible sooner.

Maleficent transforms into a dragon dealing massive damage, ensnares the closest enemy in thorns, stuns all enemies and curses enemies hit by her magic. Maleficent can be considered a damage hero based on her dragonfire ability which can deal massive damage to a group. Her curse and stuns are also exceptional for shutting down healing based compositions. Disk choice goes to Ursula as deleting energy with her team wide stun allows her to prevent her enemies from getting their own skills off.

Elsa while considered a control/damage hybrid is definitely strong in both roles. With area freezing on her white and blue skills and bonus damage to frozen enemies makes her love allies like Olaf and Wall-E to keep enemies chilled and shatter them. Can’t say much as for disk choice as I have yet to experience either of them, but know that most anything is just icing on the cake.

Hope this helps!



Impressive post kinokan, kudos.

But ‘best team’ is so unbelievably subjective.

Some people will tell you Rex is a total waste of space, never use him. Others love him.

Most tell you Quorra is awesome, but some think she sucks and don’t use her.

Point is, it comes down to where your power is, the balance of your team and your style of play.



Good post. Any updates? What about Jack Sparrow and Olaf? Where would they sit? Which discs? Thanks



As long as you upgrade your heroes skills to their Max capacity, they’re all great.
Upgrade their skills and use whatever combo you like, it’s a game enjoy it!!!..



Heroes that I often use atm:


  • Olaf (Huge amount of health, dodge ability that freezes, freeze and self heal, doing really well against frontline damage like scar and quorra as he prevents them from pushing towards your backline teams)
  • Baymax (Shields allies and damage enemies at the start of battle, provides great amount of shields especially against heroes that deal insane damage at start of wave eg. Barbossa with Tia disc, Baymax Quorra lineup, very well fit with control heroes to give them time to build up their skills in battle)


  • Moana (Damage! Damage! Heals and Shield! DamageDamageDamageDamageDamage! Heals and Shield! JUMP DAMAGE! DamageDamageDamageDamageDamage! Heals and Shield! Her Mickey disc is my favorite cause it gives additional shields within your lineup! Perfectly paired with Violet cause they can survive well even when there’s no tank in the team)
  • Duck (Insane amount of armor, great damage, skill allow him to switch between front and backline damage, Nick disc is great against shielded enemies, very annoying to fight against)
  • Elsa (Insane Freeze ability, huge HP regen stat and reality, her position in the backline increases her suvivability, great pair with other freeze ability user like olaf, frozone, walle, her Frozone disc support her role as control too)
  • Quorra (High damage and crit, Buzz disc shields her in the start of battle, Eve disc increase her crit more and self heal when crit, Damage at start of wave, paired well with Baymax and heroes that often scare)
  • Scar (Great survivability especially with Male disc equipped, deal a lot of damage (basic and skill) and ability to self heal, great replacement for tanks in a lineup if you dont have enough)
  • Jack Skellington (Started using it after his Mad Hatter disc release, great damage against damage lineup eg. a lineup with more than 3 damage heroes, ability to heal)
  • Jack Sparrow (I don’t really use him atm since mine is very weak, but he is just so OP after the refresh. A great counter against freeze team, his damage output is just insane!)


  • WallE (Great energy regen for the team, his skills are just great! Both discs are very useful in different situation and battle, both increases skill power too! Great pair with most heroes)
  • Gaston (He charms and/or stuns multiple enemies, insane damage to stunned enemies, he revives and invincible for a long seconds)
  • Maleficent (Her skills mostly can change the course of battle especially with vine stun and fogs. Ursula disc increases her skill power which makes her white skill powerful)
  • Ursula (Her Hex is the best control ability, play it in the right time can pretty much win you the battle. Huge energy regen when damaged. Great pair with walle against enemies with high energy regen. Be careful against Ursula enemy though, gotta play smart!)
  • Mad Hatter (His skills are insanely good!!)


  • Woody (My go to hero against Maleficent and Elsa, his Jessie disc can help kill the annoying backline heroes fast. His white skill is amazing especially when paired with Zurg. He charms one with highest skill power!)
  • Violet (Insane energy regen, provide great amount of shield to allies, great pair with Moana, her invisibility and knockback skills are great)
  • Mickey (Great amount of heals especially with Sulley disc, definitely the hero you want to kill first of you go against him, live long enough he can change the result of battle in an instant)


  • Zurg (He has great skill power, white skills is insanely strong especially with Woody. My fave team with him Zurg, Woody, Jack Skellington, Mike, Sulley/Baymax/Olaf.
  • Aladdin
  • Barbossa
  • Ralph
  • Sally
  • Shank
  • Chief Bogo
  • Tia
  • Buzz
  • Mike
  • Judy
  • Alice
  • Hiro

My Fave Team Combination

  • Olaf, Duck
  • WallE, Ursula, Maleficent
  • Baymax, Quorra
  • Moana, Violet, WallE, Woody
  • Olaf, Maleficent, Elsa
  • Zurg, Woody, Jack Skellington
  • Gaston, Woody, Walle
  • Barbossa, Aladdin, Scar
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I personally like the Barbossa disk for Sparrow. Persentage-wise, Barbossa disc does more. Plus it also heals when you ult which is great increasing his own survivability. I don’t really see a lot of ppl with Nick disc equipped and I personally don’t have it so I dont know how well Nick disc is in battle.

Olaf Moana disc is the one I prefer to use more. Only in the sense that I have high level of Moana than Felix. I think both are good. One does more damage and one does more freeze control (25% chance to avoid damage = 25% chance to do more freeze, more energy regen, more freeze). I think it’s in the matter of what heroes you use with him. With other freeze heroes like Elsa Frozone WallE, I guess Moana disc is better. With WallE with Dash disc, Olaf Felix disc can also shine.

But remember everything will depend on the enemies you fight as well. And this game is like a coin toss as well. I guess also look more at a definite advantage than chance advantage. I feel like we already play this game by using chance, don’t really want to have extra abilities that only works based on chance as well. Idk it’s just my thoughts.