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Hi guys.
Was wondering about best teams in Arena/Colosseum etc. There are few posts about heroes tier list but didn’t notice any about who to pair with who.
Any links to such posts? Or we can start making teams together and discuss which one is better?

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There is a tier list created by @Musketeer that shows which heroes are best which can help you build an arena/colosseum team.



There is Musketeers, but if you want more guidance, you can also check out Bendy’s tier list, he is a Youtuber that has started creating tier lists on stream
Link here!


I don´t think they are looking for tier lists, I think they want to know what charcater fit with what chracters and team synergies

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Hmm… In that case it is more difficult, there aren’t any topics to show who goes with who

However, CSalive has made an app that shows counters to any heroes you look up, but it is still a work it progress (don’t wanna go hunting for a link rn, but you can search topics to find it)

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Actually would be glad to find this topic. How can I find? Any key words?

Thanks guys!


Sure, here is the link

and here is the link of the topic

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And what about team synergies? For example, is Slinky good with Clawhouser (because they shield each other)? This one was an example of pairings.

For instance Honey lemon must be paired I think with blinders and freezers. It’s taking too much time to manually search who is freezer except this dumb Frozone.

Thanks again, guys.

I think HL works very good with powerline because he can freeze, blind and take advantage from blinds
But I´m not a professional in the game, so you may want to ask to other more leveled up player


I am working on synergies in that app also, where you can build team in the app itself as per synergies.

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