Best Way To Beat The Heist

Find The Thief’s Hideout Or Try To, It Insta-Kills All Of It’s Lives If You Win In It. :slight_smile:

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This isn’t a secret you know? It’s the only way to beat hard or above.


Ahh, let them have their moment. It’s cute seeing them get excited.


It’s also the fastest way to lose a heist. It’s so frustrating when someone loses at
the hideout.


Especially when someone gets too confident and the nearby heroes are all heroes without strong Fantastic damage attacks. I wish at least only the host can start a Hideout battle the first 20 seconds its on the map. That would buy time to have the host explain and prepare. So many people get trigger happy.


I do private heists with my guild. We take heists very seriously and have a similar rule. Only the person who found the hideout may fight it. That way we can do as you said and double check for fantastic damage.

I think a simple option would be this: when someone hits the button to start the fight at the hideout, a confirmation message is sent to the host. Like “player1234 has decided to attack the hideout. Allow? Yes/no”

If the host says yes, everything proceeds as normal. If the host says no, the hideout fight does not start and maybe the button for fighting the hideout is disabled for 15 seconds. If the host waits too long, maybe 2 minutes, the hideout fight will be allowed by default.

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