Best yellow invasion breaker team?

I need help with my yellow invasion breaker team. My boss team is great…with Mim, but my team for breakers sucks. I am at level 275, and my team just keeps dying. I can only quick fight one round at a time. Any suggestions?

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Mim(Ma) gives your team an automatic Hex against any opponents with a full energy meter, which after breaker 50 is pretty much all of them.


I have the same problem. Yellow team is just too weak in Invasion

Same my yellow team still has lock shock and barrel

I don’t have good yellows

I was really hoping someone with more experience and more usable heroes than I have would’ve replied by now. I can only speak to who I’ve used in the recent past, but if you’d like to know:

  • Nick has been a breaker mainstay ever since his red skill was introduced, and I loaded him up with SP + Purple Skill mods. Once you’ve gotten him to where he’s using 5 lemmings with his white skill, he shares a metric boatload of skill power with his allies, boosting them tremendously.

  • Mulan has likewise been a mainstay since her introduction; of course, she’s pretty much guaranteed to KO herself any time she comes against an Ian (or any other backline enemy with start-of-battle Reflect), but otherwise she’s a one-woman wrecking crew, especially when paired with my Nick.

  • For healing, I normally use Clawhauser(Po), maxed out with HP + Reality mods; he also deals pretty heavy damage to any nearby enemies with his Powerline disk, and is a durable tank as well.

  • For my fifth spot, I’ll normally use Esmeralda or Judy for further support, but sometimes I have to swap in Maximus(Ti) to take care of a particularly-durable enemy. If I start struggling, I might experiment with Gadget(Me) as well.

I’m sure there’s plenty of other yellow heroes, particularly among those introduced in the past year, who are very good in breaker fights, but I’m just passing along the ones I’ve been using.

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