BFB Loser Concept

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Quote: Oh. I’m Liked.
Bio: Loser Uses His Coolness To Charm Or Stun Enemies.
White: Crowd Crazy
Fantastic Dam
Loser Gets A Crowd, Stunning The Enemies For 5.5 Also Damaging Enemies 15 Times.
Green: Shocked
Once When Loser Reaches 0 HP, He Gets Shocked, Charming The Enemies For 9 Seconds.
Blue: Yellow Shine
Loser Shines A Yellow Shine, Blinding Enemies For 5 Seconds
Purple: A Winner Now!
Crowd Crazy Now Doubles The Attack. It’s Now 30 Times.
Red: Cooler Than Ever
True Damage
When Loser Uses Yellow Shine, It Will Be 100% A Super Shine

  • 25912 Skill Power
  • 6542 HP
  • 3 Stacks Of Cool
  • 5 Seconds Of Blindness For Enemies
    6 Seconds Of Stun For Enemies
    Liked Characters
    When Loser Uses Crowd Crazy He Jumps On The Crowd Doing + 12 Damage
    A Pro!
    Loser Gets Another Shock.

Please release concepts when it’s completely finished

Could u add the friendships positions and roles?

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