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Big Bad Wolf


Stars at the beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Yellow

Entrance: Big Bad Wolf walks into the battlefield while holding a bag.
Victory: From Wolf’s mouth saliva is leaking out, he then takes fork and knife and smiles evilly.
Defeat: From exhaustion Wolf falls on the ground, the box opens releasing all of his costumes which falls on him.

Quote: “By the hair on your chinny-chin-chin, I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in!”

Basic attack: Wolf punches with the fist closest enemies to him.

White skill: Master Of The Disguises :fist: (normal damage)
The player choices a disguise for Big Bad Wolf to wear for 10 seconds, then Wolf jumps into the bag and jumps out in disguise. While in bag Wolf is invincible.

Fuller Brush man: When chosen Big Bad Wolf deals X damage to enemies and stuns them for 6 seconds and silences them for 10 seconds. Additionally, each of his basic attacks reduces armor by X and reality by X on damaged enemies for 15 seconds, stacking with each attack.

Goldilocks the Fairy Queen: When chosen Big Bad Wolf heals allies for X HP and grants invincibility on an ally with lowest HP for 5 seconds and increasing skill power by X on an ally with highest skill power for 8 seconds. Additionally, instead of doing normal basic attacks, Big Bad Wolf will use his wand to heal an ally with the lowest HP for X HP and increasing their attack speed by 20% for 5 seconds.

Little Bo Peep: When chosen Big Bad Wolf charms 2 random enemies for 13 seconds each and increasing his own armor by X. Additionally, hitting enemies with a wide range using his staff and stunning on every 2 basic attacks damaged enemies for 3 seconds.

While on auto, Big Bad Wolf will switch between all available Disguises.

Green skill: Fine Appetite
Duration of disables on Big Bad Wolf are always reduced by 75%.

When Big Bad Wolf gets disabled or misses an attack due to being blinded his max HP increases by X and his basic damage increases by X for the remainder of the wave.

Blue skill: Huffs and Puffs :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Big Bad Wolf huffs and puffs, dealing X damage to enemies, knocking them back during duration of skill and scaring enemies for 15 seconds.

Purple skill: Beneficial Changes
When Big Bad Wolf uses ‘‘Master Of The Disguises’’ his attack and movement speed increases by 200% for 10 seconds.

Disguises from ‘‘Master Of The Disguises’’ gives Big Bad Wolf further effects.

Fuller Brush man: Enemies damaged by basic attacks will now additionally lose X basic damage and X skill power for 10 seconds, stacking with each use. Allies’ attack speed will be increased by 50%.

Goldilocks the Fairy Queen: Big Bad Wolf will now heal two allies at the same time, ally healed by Big Bad Wolf from his basic move will receive additionally invincibility for 2 seconds. Big Bad Wolf will now always heal himself when healing an ally.

Little Bo Peep: Enemies will be applied with Sap when the skill will be activated for 10 seconds, basic attacks in this disguise will also sap enemies damaged for 12 seconds, Big Bad Wolf will also steal from enemies 60 energy per hit from damaged enemies, 20 energy is given to allies when Big Bad Wolf attacks enemies.

Energy stolen is reduced against enemies above level X.

Red skill: Hungry Wolf
Big Bad Wolf’s basic attacks now have 40% life steal.

Big Bad Wolf shares 50% of gained basic damage from ‘‘Fine Appetite’’ with allies.
Big Bad Wolf’s reality increases by X whenever he takes damage, and skill power by X whenever enemy gets scared.

Additional stat boosts:

+X basic damage to ‘‘Fine Appetite’’

Scar - On Top Of Food Chain


Better attacks

  • +X HP
  • +X BD
  • Big Bad Wolf’s basic attacks and skills deals 20% more damage (+20% per star)
  • Whenever enemy KO Big Bad Wolf’s basic damage increases by 30% (+30% per star)

Evil Queen - Evil Disguises


Disguises deals damage

  • +X HP
  • +X SP
  • When Big Bad Wolf uses ‘‘Master Of The Disguises’’ all his debuffs are removed and then randomly applied to enemies
  • When Big Bad Wolf uses ‘‘Master Of The Disguises’’ enemies receive 5% of Wolf’s max HP as damage (+5% per star)
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