Big city greens bill green concept


“Well today I am going to be the fun parent”

Bio bill green a farmer with his farming skills, his discipline, and his kludge he will farm to the very end

Midline support

Trial team yellow
Entrance bill green drives his kludge and exits it

Victory bill takes his fake thumb of and kisses it then puts it back on
Stars 1
Defeat bill green takes off his hat and stomps it in disappointment

Basic attack bill digs with his shovel scattering soil damaging enemies with the soil

White skill farm sale

passive after he does a basic attack he pauses by planting seeds or 5 seconds in the spot he dug then he does his basic attack again active bill sells his fruits and veggies with 3 different types of veggies this makes all of the spots he planted seeds to disappear also the amount of veggies he gives is equal to how many seeds he planted. Each type of veggie gives a different effect to an all each effect lasting 7 seconds

Watermelon increases the armor by x

Carrot applies 2 stacks of hardy and 15% attack speed

Tomato increase the ally’s skill power by x

The buffs have a chance to fail against allies above level x

Green skill kludge don’t budge

when bill enters the wave he drives his kludge into enemies dealing x normal damage also the kludge has a box of veggies applying watermelon carrot or tomatoes effect multiplied by 3 also the box has 1 type of veggies

Blue skill full dad

When bill reaches 45% hp he makes a stern face and yells at the enemy that last attacked him lowering the basic attack power by x

And sapping them for 10 seconds

The sap and lower has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Purple skill farmer’s crit

when bill crits he plants 2 seeds and gains x skill power

Red skill the responsible parent

when bill uses his farm sale skill he gains x hp per veggies he sold and he also deals x fantastic damage per veggie he planted before he activated his skill

Full dad now applies 2 stacks of fatigue

The stacks of fatigue and the fantastic damage has a chance to fail against enemies above level x.

Friendship with cricket green

Cricket is happy to see bill in the city but bill tries to get cricket to do farming work

Disk is called responsibilites are everything

When bill green uses kludge don’t budge it stuns all enemies for x seconds

Friendship with the Cheshire Cat

Bill green thinks the Cheshire Cat can help with his mice problem but the Cheshire Cat ignores him

Disk is called a weird zucchini

When bill green has a shield applied to himself he plants 3 seeds.

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