Big Hero 6 love

I love big hero 6! Baymax is lovable. Fred is funny. Wasabi is cool (not spicy like the food). Go go is strong. Lemon is smart. Hiro is hero.



Hmmm I think Honey a Lemon should have gotten sweet and Hiro should have gotten smart

I do joke that hero sound like hiro

I wish we can have more Big Hero 6 characters since we have the whole Incredible family with Frozone.

But let’s enjoy having Hiro and Baymax in the game.


Maybe for the start of the next Big Hero 6 Season??

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BH6 has a few Stitch Easter eggs!
The two pillows are Easter eggs! One is Stitch and the other is Splodyhead (619)!

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What better way to celebrate Baymax, than with Hamilton Baymax! :grimacing::grin:

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Haha that’s great.

Baymax is also pretty awesome. Hairy baby!

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When will more bh6 hero come here

Like wasabi and honey

Well, we’ll see them soon hopefully.


I really want

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