Bigfoot hero concept

The legendary Bigfoot somehow ended up in the city and is gonna “stay alive”

Entrance: Bigfoot jumps on to the battlefield and roars at the enemy

Victory: headphones will fly onto his head and he will dance like he did in the film

Defeat: an underwear will fly on his head and he will do the exact same thing he did in the film

Basic attack: Bigfoot punches the enemy

White skill: A BRUTES LUNCH
Bigfoot will pull out a log and take a bite out of it then throw the rest at the enemy. He will heal after eating the log

Green skill: MONSTER SMASH
Bigfoot will jump onto the enemy and crush them dealing HUGE damage

Blue skill: PUPPET SHOW
Bigfoot will pull out to sock puppets and boost team strength and heal them

now when he uses “monster smash” he deals more damage overtime

Now whenever he uses “a brutes lunch” he becomes much stronger in his attacks

Friend: goofy
Campaign name: legendary fools
Story: goofy befriends Bigfoot and they wander around town looking for stuff to do.
Allies: king Louie, the mad hatter, and kronk

Friend: scar
Campaign name: predators patrol
Story: scar believes that Bigfoot could be a useful minion to him and looks for more creatures that could help him.
Allies: kaa, Oogie, and Foxy Loxy (1943)

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